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Hi I am having a Enfield bullet 350, 1999 model. Off late i encountered a problem of getting high smoke as exhaust and mis firing, starting trouble and vehicle stopping in between and the spark plug getting unreasonalble amount of carbon deposit in few KMS, i approached a mechanich and he advised me to get my engione rebored , fix the valve system i did that and the bill came to 8K still the problem persist. The mechanich took the vehicle for reinspection this morning again..What could be the possible problem and bet solution..
By Mathew 05 May 2009

You're Air Fuel mixture might be tooo rich. Check that. You're carburetor might have developed cracks and extra oil would have leaked into the cylinders.

Answer by Sid 05 May 2009

Though the answer according to your mechanic is right, i dont know whether he has changed the Piston and the Piston rings, and if he has done, whether the cylinder is Bored properly or not, and a right size piston inserted, or a sleeve also could be inserted, so that a zero sized piston could be fixed, so that the compression remains the same, and the engine begin would also match with it. Also the Valves should have been grinded properly and the valve caps have to be replaced. Also ensure that the head base is levelled properly so that the head gasket when put in place and fixed should not have any gaps inbetween. Also check the CB points and adjust the timing at top positionof the Piston. replace the spark plug and check the consistent blue current from the coil. This should ideally fix ur problems,
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Answer by Kishore Kumar 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

The problem seems to be due to defective carburator and misfiring due to ignition system plz ensure the ignition is checked properly for mis firing.As head assy is already decarbonised,with proper fuel syply and firing the problem should be solved.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

above advice agrees with my view, check points, condenser coil. i have a 1972 350 6V with a part 1V system that gave the same symptoms, misfiring, stalling, lack of pick up on throttle - good luck

Answer by Owen 05 May 2009

first of all show the bike to the person who bored the block take his comment & try to put new piston & rings if u want perfect job than changing block piston is the best solution insted of block boreing,& for spark plug problem check the Governer of the bike it needs point setting

Answer by Akshay 06 June 2009
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