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Dear shiva, I have seen 2 cars- first opel corsa swing 2004 model -95000kms with lpg kit price is 170000. Second one is palio diesel dec-2003 model - 103000kms price is 165000/-. Which one will be good while considering routine maintainence, average, and resale value. Please suggest me. sunil s patel
By Sunil 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

Fiat Palio will be best choice.Though Palio diesel crossed 1.0l km.If maintained well, you can use the same for atlest another Four years.With Corsa the mainteance will be lot of time consuming and and hence increased strain. With Palio maintenance will not be of much problem

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

According to me I suggest Corsa sail strongly.Its pull power and mileage compared to palio comes in affording.I had owned corsa1.6 then,I really enjoyed and now I am regreting with swift petrol version.

Answer by Raghunath 05 May 2009

I previously owned a opel corsa 1.6 gls, i can tell you that the owner ship experience has been terrible, service and spares are freaking expensive i wowed that i will never get into another GM car and i will not, as a simple example my service for the 60K kms mark was billed at INR 22000/- whereas the value of the car itself was not over 1lakh, with the palio i'm not too sure of its spares however i can definetly vouch for palio since tata has taken up fiat in India so the service and maintanance should be alright.

Answer by Jaygee 05 May 2009

I would say, the open swing is a better option given the power, pull, space and the LG option. But be rest assured the resale of both is not very good. Check for accidents repair and oil leaking in the engine. 1lac kms would mean that you would need a overhoul in both, it should cost you 10-15K. I have driven a Corsa sail for 4yrs without spending a rupee on maintainance, except the annual servicing.

Answer by Joshua 05 May 2009

As you have seen both cars and there is not so much difference in prices and kms run. I owned 2 opel corsa cars one is 1.4 and another is 1.6 both are in good running condition and doesn't ask for much maintenance. But the prices the people are asking from you is much higher as expected in the market. I am selling one of my corsa 1.6 now and i am expecting not more than 1.15 lacs and it is only 48000 kms run. Regarding the diesel version of any car after crossing 1 lac kms you cannot expect to be run without maintenance and it will also make so much of noise. So i suggest you not to buy any of these cars as it has no re-sale value and it has also crossed 1 lac kms. Try to go for maruti any model as it has good resale value and low maintenece cost also.

Answer by Singh Tushant 05 May 2009

Stay awat from OPEL

Answer by VINAYSGAR 05 May 2009

Dear Sunil,
I would strongly suggest Opel corsa Swing 1.6. I have an opel corsa 1.4 GLS 2003 september model...i have done 53000 kms with it and all i spent was 3000 bugs for oil service once in six months....i got the tires replaced last year which costed 2500X4=10000.
I would say say opel corsa is a real driver's car.
I get a mileage of 11 to 12 kmpl in chennai city drive and 15 to 16 kmpl in the highways with AC always on.
This car is capable of very high speeds, it can clock 200 easily, and i can assure you can beat all ikons, accents, citys, fiestas and even scorpios and innovas in the highway..but if you rev up the engine your mileage will suffer drastically...i have once or twice pulled my car to 180-200 kmph in the highways..but got a mileage of only 9-10 during those drives...the air conditioners are really good, aven if the car stands in hot sun for hours and you enter in and put the AC it cools in minutes....all i'm talking about is just the performance of 1.4 litre engine with 88 bhp power, the swing with 1.6 litre engine and 91 bhp of power will perform even better but the mileage will be a little less say some 2 kmpl less than the figures given by me. The corsa is a rugged car as well and the steel guage is heavier than any other car, the car is very stable even at 180 - 200 kmph....The palio diesel is a good car but it cannot be compared with the corsa....

The car is highly sensitive to the quality of petrol, i always use speed petrol or xtramile premium..

Some points you need to note:
Check the condition of tires,
Check the body and chasis with your mechanic for indications of any major accidents the car has undergone..
Check the AC condition of AC..
While Test driving keep AC on and shift every gear between the 2000 to 3000 rpm range and try clocking atleast 140 to 150 kmph with AC on as the car should easily reach this speed easily if it is maintained well, also check for wobbles in steering or vibrations from body at high speed...
Drive in some rough terrain for a while to see if there are any potential suspension problems do all this with AC on and fan speed at 1 or 2 so that the cabin is most silent and you could detect any sound easily...
Since you have LPG kit fitted you need not worry about mileage. To give you a rough figure on mileage the swing 1.6 should do 85 to 90 kms per 200 rupees of gas you fill..
It means it wuld cost you 2.2 rupees per km you drive..
A corsa's pertol engine can do 2,50,000 km before it needs av overhaul....
Also petrol engine is easy to maintain and more comfortable when compared to diesel....
Coming to price you can try negotiating it upto 1.4 -1.5lacs if the car is really in good condition and 1 lac to 1.2 lacs if the condition is average...but never go for a corsa if the condition is poor and even if sold out for the cheapest price, it is then it will eat ur money totally..
All the best

Answer by Shankar 05 May 2009

try not to buy cars which have crossed 80k kilometers, you will face too many headaches. the fiat diesel is good but the price should be around 1.3 approx

Answer by Ashvin 05 May 2009

Hi!!! I PersONALLY own opel sorsa swing 1.6 model and fitted it with a LPG kit.
Points For:- Great pull, very good lpg performance, average of about 12-15 km/ltr of gas (without AC), Good space & room inside.
Points Against:- Spare parts are costly.

Points to take note:- availability of ALDS near you, if you can manage spares from a secondary market (dont go to showroom it will cost you dearly).

If you can take care of above mentioned points and going by the mileage of both the cars Opel should be your choice.

Answer by Sarjeet Yadav 05 May 2009

Dear i wud say dont go 4 any one of them as the maintenance for the cars is high, i have accent 2001, gls, silver color excellent condition, cng fitted just for rs. 1,80,000...if interested thn call me at 9910405251

Answer by Dipanshu 05 May 2009

opel corsa

Answer by Adnaan 07 July 2012

wil be the best choice

Answer by Adnaan 07 July 2012

Corsa is the best machine. I dont know why people like toys instead of real power machines. I am owning a corsa sail 1.6 since 2004 and still I am in no mood to sale it.

Answer by Pranav 10 October 2014

Hii i m from kashmir i have Opel corsa sail 1.4 spares are not available in my valley but I proud to have corsa because it feels me like loin ..corsa 1.4 sail is power ...

Answer by Rk Wani 11 November 2016

Hii guys I have opel corsa is good condition.. BT I get 10/11km per liter in city and 13/14 in long drive.. I'm planning to fit lpg, soo just your suggestions, s it good?????

Answer by Numer 12 December 2016
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