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Sir,I intend to sell my 1999 marui Zen and buy a 5 seater Car running on petrol and lpg.Which one is better Wagon r or santro ?
By Anand 05 May 2009

well my dear frnd go for wagon R it will be a better option for u as maruti has always been better in every aspect be it service,spare parts and resale value also try thru dealer under exchange scheme

Answer by Sandeep Singh 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

Maruti Zen,the old one,is a five seater car and I have one of
same model. Why do you want to sell it? It is the best car for five seater. What is your problem? You want a 5 seater without driver or with driver.? Because all cars sedans are five seater unless you want to exclude the Driver.?
Further do not go for Wagon R or Santro.It is narrower than
Zen old. Even the new Zen is little less in width than the old Zen.
Dr P C Rao, Pune

Answer by Dr P C Rao 05 May 2009

well I prefer u to buy wagon r as u already have maruti zen u may know maruti will cost u less maintenance exp and in all aspect it will be better

Answer by Karthikeyan 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

Yes Santro will make a good choice for upgrading from Old Zen. Wwagon R isvery congested for 5 people.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

Both cars are good,wagonR is little bit less in width but its suspensions are better and average is good,in santro rear suspensions are worst and average is only around 14-15 in city drive and 17 with AC on highways.It will be better to wait for some time as several new hatchbacks models like RItz,Jazz are coming up ,Indica vista is another good choice as its suspensions are very good and it is more spacious and luxurious so better you try Indica Vista.

Answer by Rudra 05 May 2009

I belive santro is good for milege and comfort. and maintance cost is low.

Answer by Mansoor 05 May 2009

GO FOR WAGONR.........

Its the best car in this segment........ and its maruti product so its the best.

Answer by Dheeraj 05 May 2009

Undoubtedly santro

Answer by Satyakam 05 May 2009

well i suggest u to go 4 santro bcoz its the best.........well if u talk about the space its almost the same in wagonr and santro and if we talk about the performance than santro beats wagon r in undoubtly go 4 santro..

Answer by Nishit 05 May 2009

Both the cars excellent but my personal experience will suggest for santro as it much balanced car in all terrains in comparison to wagon r.

Answer by Satyajit 05 May 2009

I own a wagon R now it's petrol version I am very happy with more than I was, with Santro

Answer by Ravindra 05 May 2009

Santro is a good car, giving good mileage in both, city and highway driving conditions.Would not suggest going for a petrol/LPG combination car;in the long run,running on either LPG or CNG, does cause more wear on the engine.Normally, a Santro is a trouble free car but requires timely and proper maintenance and is a good long term prospect.

Answer by Pradeep Jauhar 05 May 2009

Hi, even i owned a Zen and i upgraded with santro, its a good car with good performance in terms of space, speed, mileage Ect....., The maintenance is bit high though.

Answer by Noel Dhungel 05 May 2009

Definitely Santro man. If you love to drive and want any pleasure go for Santro but if you are just an average user and want car only for the sake of it, go for Wagon R. Technically speaking, the Santro is a way ahead in terms of engine & Gear Box refinements. I have test driven almost all the available hatchbacks & sedans recently, but nothing could come closer to the Santro & Accent (yet to try Verna). The pick up, engine smoothness, noise, vibrations everything is superb. Wagon R do have notchy gears and engine noise at higher speeds. I was having a base LE model of 2000 & my experience is based on that. Absolutely less maintenance comparable to Wagin R, Mileage will be little lesserby 2 kms to Wagon R but the maintenace costs and comfort counter these.

Answer by Hemant Patil 05 May 2009

Hi, I have been driving a Santro car for the last 4 yrs and I found it the best in terms of advanced engine, smooth drive, stability and easy entry. I have had almost all makes of cars from the last40 yrs. Go for Santro!!!

Answer by Vijay Kumar 05 May 2009

santro is the best choice

Answer by Neelay 05 May 2009

Dr P C Rao .Thanks for your views.I read your views that you also own Zen 1999 model and agree that its more spacious tha new Zen.I wanted to sell as its 10 year old and the model is no longer being manufactured,thereby making the availability of spares etc a bit doubtfull over next two years.

Answer by Anand 05 May 2009

you prefer swift vdi or vxi it is excellent n maintainance free car or go fo swift dezire vxi or vdi.if you want to go other than maruti than go for icon flair but it's maintainance is costly but an excellent car

Answer by JAI 05 May 2009

I would suggest neither wagan r or santro. I feel cars like spark & i10 are better cars. You can even wait for the new ritz from maruti.

Answer by S K Dash 05 May 2009
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