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I own Swift VXI Petrol from last 2 year. Driving this car is real pleasure. No Problems at all. I bought a new WagonR Lxi Petrol in Dec 2008. I am really disappointed with performance of my new WagonR. Really there is no comparison between two hot selling cars of MARUTI... If one drives Wagon R for 1/2 hour in city traffic you will feel lot of pain in your legs & toes. One has to really change gears every 20 seconds. With A.C. on this car is a real disaster. Please Help me how can I increase the performance of this Car. Should I opt for New Alloy Wheels or New Tube less tyres as I also strongly feel there is some problem in handling this car..... Please Help me out or finally I feel I should sell this car and go for a I10 or Astar or Ritz.... .
By Vimal 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

Wagon R has disadvantage of seating, gear shifting problems.Using Alloy wheels might increase cushioning effect.The performance of WagonR can not be increased much.Hence better thing to do will be to buy a new car.You can try with Indica vista.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

well my dear frnd the solution to ur problem is as simple as driving a mercedes & swift at alter times this time u'll fell dissapointed wid driving swift even i use to find the same while driving my zen & maruti 800 ac at same day n last but not least i sold my 800 & bought another zen to give me same comfort.all the best

Answer by Sandeep Singh 05 May 2009

i think u should go for changing your tyres of this wagonr.
or if want to go for a new car then take A-star, its a great car, it has been made on the swift platform, so u will find the same pleasure of swift in A-star

Answer by Dheeraj 05 May 2009

Its better you purchase one more swift, its really much more better than a wagon R.

The problem mentioned by you is the actual problem faced by others having wagon R.

Answer by Sapan 05 May 2009

Hi! Have driven the Wagon R for more than 5 years. I also have a santro however, always found the Wagon R more comfortable than the Santro. Have driven Wagon R in all kinds of traffic (in Delhi) as well as frequented the highway (drove to almost all the hill stations in the north and from Delhi to Udaipur the longest) it has been a pleasure driving this car. What I would suggest is try and adjusting your seating position, maybe try newer postures that might solve the problem (I had done the same and the results were positive).
Ofcourse swift is different segment and can not be compared. I currently drive the Sx4 and also have a santro which I drive once in a while and the difference is stark when I get to driving the santro. Infact have been test driving hatchbacks but have not been completely impressed by any so far.
Drove Tata indica Vista a few days back, while the drive quality was good, Tata's services is a big concern.
Test drove an A star recently, was thoroughly disappointed to drive the much hyped car. The cabin is cramped and the engine lacks power and refinement. It gives a very cheap feel.

Answer by Sumit 05 May 2009

Hi Vimal-I own a wagon R LX for the last 6.5 years and have recently purchased a swift dzire (petrol-VXI). I think i understand ur issue - you have one car which is a "performance car" and the other is a "practical family car". Possible solutions for your problems - (1) pain in legs and toes - try and adjust your seat - since this is a tall boy car - try and keep your seat more upfront and use the recline feature, so that your arms are able to flex while turning the steering wheel - this way you wont have to stretch your legs while using the clutch, brake and accelerator. (2) AC issues - blow out the hot air by keeping blower at highest and windows down when you enter your car first. Then switch on the AC and move blower lever to mid level. Roll up your windows once you feel the AC has passing out chilled air. while driving keep changing the blower setting and make sure your air intake is set to "circulate air inside cabin" setting. If still does not work - get the AC checked at a maruti authorized service station. (3) changing to alloys and tubeless tyres will surely help ride quality. Michelin rubbers are known to give quite a pliant ride, so you could consider them - unfortunately they cost a premium. experts do not recommend putting tubeless tyres on rims that are old. So, should your rims be in good shape - u can even think of mounting tubeless types on the existing rims. However, alloys are still your best bet.
net net...these are 2 very different cars - in terms of character, power, ride quality, sitting, handling, etc. Unfortunately in terms of "driver involvement" the swift anydays scores above the wagon R and despite all this, you will not get the pleasure of a swift drive from a wagon R. So, please be careful before you put in any investment into your wagon R and if you are not convinced, just sell it and look at buying another swift. i do not anticipate the Ritz to be as involving as the Swift as it is a "tall boy" and would have more characteristics of the wagon R petrol. I have no knowledge about the i10 or the a star - so suggest you take a test drive and see what they are like.

Answer by Sanjeev 05 May 2009

Yes, you are right, the legs and toes pain. Eveni had this initially. Following are the adjustments you have to do:

1) Pls note Wagon R sitting position is bit different from other cars like Wagon R. Hence seat adjustment will be different. Adjust in such a way that your leg knee angle is at 10 deg.

2) If you are in habit of driving with your head resting on your seat, then make seat back adjustment bit reclyned.

3) Try to build up hand elbow rest beside you seat so as to keep your hand in resting position. Pls note most part of your body strain will be absorbed by it.

Wagon R is good car and is like driving mini SUV.

Answer by Ashok Nayak 05 May 2009

you are correct. there is no comparision between Swift and Wagon R. The best option would b to sell ur wagon R and check with the NEW i20. I BET you will just love the car... its is a driving pleasure....

Answer by Gurpreet Singh 05 May 2009

hello friend , i think you should buy a saloon car insted of hatchback , i think u should go for Mitsubishi Lancer , its really very nice car and comfortable, ,,,,,,, if u think u will change tyre , i really dont think so it gonna work , so its a good idea if u sale ur car ,

Answer by Pankaj 05 May 2009

I bought my first car, an Ambassador in 1985 and it gave me sixteen years of trouble free service.I replaced it with a Maruti 800 in 2002. It gave me excellent service for two years but due to post surgery complications I had to switch to a Wagon R in 2004 which I am still using. Its a very dependable vehicle and gives a comfortable ride in long journies. Maintenance costs are negligible and the servicing from Maruti authorised centres is excellent. I am fully satisfied with the car and am sure that it will give me trouble free service for another five years, at least, should I decide to retain it. Its good value for its price.

Answer by Robin Pal Choudhury 05 May 2009

Hi Vimal,

I think no action is required. Wagon R sitting position is very good for the road clearance on highways. I used to overtake Ford Fiesta, Verna, etc., as they would be waiting for the front vehicle to give clearance, but as the sitting position of Wagon R is high, I used to have clear view of oppositive route. Offcourse I have sold out my Wagon R and bought Hyundai Accent Executive. All those days I drove Wagon R and now I am feeling that I am not getting road clearance properly.

Whenever you change anything, you will feel that for some days. Try for some more days.

Answer by M H Rao 05 May 2009

I think you should compare apples with apples. You should compare Wagon R with santro, Zen Estillo, Spark or like. If you compare Swift with Honda City, you will have adverse reaction for swift when comparing it with City.

Answer by Sanjiv Agarwal 05 May 2009

if u wanna sell it thn will give best price for your car..if interested thn call me at 9910405251

Answer by Dipanshu 05 May 2009
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