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I have a Zen 2004 dec model. I am going abroad for 4 moths ,What precautions should I take. There will be no one here
By Sharma 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

Please take following precautions.
Remove battery conection.
Park the vehicle in dust and water free place as exposure to water and air results in faster rusting.
Try to get rid of rodents as much as possible.
Once battery connection is removed ,anti theft devises if any may not work.Ensure vehicle parked in safer place.
Once you come back you can get general check up done before going for long rides.
Wish you happy journey abroad.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

Along with whatever Shiva has written, try to park your car on bricks (tyre area) as they will lose air pressure it will be easy for you to change them then. Also have the car cover on it if you are not able to find a covered area for yourself.

Answer by Jeeveshu 05 May 2009

Please be advised that:
1) Car should be lifted on Blocks or any other supportings
to avoid cracks in the tyres.
2) Remove the spark plug and apply some vaseline and fix it to avoid rust and carbon.
3) Battery should be filled at the maxium level of distilled water.
4) Leave little space in the door glasses for slight air- circulation.
5) Do not apply hand brake while long time idle parking.
6) Try to get rid of rodents and some insects (clay pits).
7) If you fill 75% of fuel in the tank will not allow rust in the petrol tank.
8) Once you come back and when starting put 50 ML additivies in the fuel tank to avoid corrosion.

Answer by Johnty 05 May 2009

Hi all the precautions given are gr8 i just want to give one more suggestion, kindly remove air from your vehical tyres or eveb puncture them. so that if somebody want to steal your car , can not drive it.

Answer by Vikram Takkar 05 May 2009

You can also remove the steering wheel & dismantle the engine & store it in your house and yes, take the valves with you & camshaft with your wife..... You can deposit the transmission & deflated tyres with a Bank in their Safe-Deposit. Apply vaseline on your car & Gel in your hair..... The list goes on.

Just leave & remember to park that damn thing in a secure place! Bon voyage....

Answer by Sushim 05 May 2009

Hi i m anil. First u remove the battery connection and polish the car. When u come then u connection the battery check the car is start or not. Yet the car is not start then u will charge the battery in service station. Either start then u will lucky. Check & servicing the car before u going to long drive. U enjoy ur self. Thank you. Don't worry.

Answer by ANIL KUMAR PANDA 05 May 2009
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