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I am having Hero honda Passion Plus 2005 model done 22000 Kms. Yesterday I got my vehicle serviced from one of the authorised service centre and noticed the following problems thereafter: When the bike is moving upto 5o kms per hour it runs smoothly but on exceedding 60 kms per hour it stards vibrating and vibration is felt on both of the feets also the noise increases on increasing of the speed therafter. When i approached the service centre, they just tighted the bolt of foundation of engine but the problems stills going on. Pleaae adveice me . Thanks R.K.Maini 9868523148

By Rajeev Maini on Apr 30, 2008


  • Expert Hi,
    There can be one of the problems as below .
    1.It can be connceting rod bearing noise ie noise arising due to worn bearing or crank pin or misaligned connecting rod or lack of proper lubrication resulting in worn bearings.The solution is to service or replace crankshaft,realign or replace connecting rod bearings.
    2.Main or thrust bearing noise. It can arise due to worn bearings or crankshaft journals.The thrust bearing noise is audible only at higher acceleration. The solution is to replace bearings or crankshaft.
    Please ask service people to try this . and please let us know the result.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Sep 13, 2008

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