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Hi I am considering a used Palio petrol vehicle and need comments from users - regarding need of spare parts, and availability. The 1.6 engine is still in use in the Stile 1.6; the 1.2 has sold the most numbers. However, the local market supplier says that 1.2 spare parts are easier available. Tata motors agent (which also service Fiats) says in general parts are difficult to get by. If I do get myself a 2003 1.2 Palio (pre NV) what is the max price for a vehicle that has run 35000kms? And a 1.6 GTX? Thanks in anticipation!
By SGV 05 May 2009

Hello dear SGV,
I was in a similar dilemma two months back.I was shopping in the second hand market for a Palio.I found a Palio Petrol in good condition.So as you did i inquired in the Tata Service centre.Thier response was not at all favorable.They said that the spares are difficult to get by.I talked to couple of Palio owners and they had very bad experience with the Tata service facility for Fiat.I had personally inspected the Palio with a machanic and he said the vehicle is in good condition.I am a fiat fan but since the service center was so negative i was hesistant to buy that car.Atlast i settled for a Maruti 800(Must say a good car).So my point is if you talk to Tata Service centre about buying a Fiat forget it.Fiat should have never done this deal.Otherwise from the information i gathered from my research;Palio is a great car.The car i looked was a 2003 Petrol and the owner was asking for 1.35lacs

Answer by Jijuanair 05 May 2009

For some reason I feel that by joining hands with fiat to service the palio the only ulterior motive of Tata motors is to finish off the good competetion it had for its Box type failure, the Indica .Hence I agree with jijunair that dont trust tata to give u correct advice. Palio is indeed a great vehicle .It gives the ride comfort and safety of a Mid sized sedan at price of an Hatch back. I and also my cousins who use two palios have found it to be a workhorse machine.It just dosent fail too easliy .Though i would advice to get it serviced privately and to avoid tata motors altogether .I have a 2003 1.2 l and had no trouble doing long journeys .It gives excellent power on highway . only issue is with turning radius even with power steering .Suspension is a cut above the rest and the marutis seem like toys after using palio .It has chunky and heavily built doors and metal .So a slight compromise in mileage but it gave me 13 km pl on highway last week did 600 kms with full a/c. 35000 kms palio is a good buy and u can go for it as it will be good value for money

Answer by Dr Mehool Mehta 05 May 2009

Hi ,

I have been an owner of Fiat Palio 1.6. let me tell you, this not run on the mill car. If you do little enquiry / research, you will find that the owners are mostly the connoisseurs. They have bought it with a taste.

Tata Indica is NOWHERE NEAR FIAT PALIO, in terme of comfort, elegance, sturdiness, driving pleasure (if you are driving it yourselves) etc.

Do not depend on TATA for service. Find a good well equipped service center in your neighborhood and they will take care of it (That's what i did). Normally you do not require much spare parts, as the vehicle itself is very robust. Don't bother much on mileage too ( You can have LPG kit installed, if you desire so). If you love it, buy it. Incidently i had to sell the car as i was moving abroad. I still miss it.

Cheers!!!!!!! and wish you pleasant and safe driving

Answer by Himanshu 05 May 2009


To me car is the best in class be it 1.2 or the sports version. I have driven many cars, but the thrill I had driving a palio 1.6 GTX was unmatched.


Let me come up with reasons.

No spare availabl.

Service is too costly. Suppose you spend 2000 on any maruti vehicle for some problem, you may have to shell out more than 10K for the same service in fiat palio.

Can stand anywhere if any problem comes, and you will have to take a taxi to go home, because no mehcanic available. Even tata trained mechanic don't have any knowledge.

This car is so superior that only engineers not mechanics can handles this cars. And you know kind of workman ship our so called enginners (mechanics) have.

I can go endless on why not to buy.

But if you have decided to go ahead with your buy, be positive and make your pockets deep. for a 2003 1.2 you can pay around 80-90k and for 1.6 gtx of the same year run around 50k, you can pay around 1k if the vehicle is untouced.

Get it verified by a engineer not mechanic and then go ahead.

Another unsolicated advise : Buy a new car that too a fuel efficient. Alto, Astar or ritz(upcoming). For me only Maruti in India.

I would be happy answering more queries for you.

Answer by Pradeep 05 May 2009

There is nothing comparable with Fiat Palio, when launch in 2001 till date. I am owning all three - 1.6 Petra, Palio 1.2 & latest Palio Stile Diesel.No problem with any Car. Follow your intution. Don't fall with others destiny. If you like
It nothing less than Mercedes, if you take in to accout safety & technology. Life is very precious & you are safe in Palio.

Answer by Dr Sanjay Barot 05 May 2009

Hi Buddy,

I own palio from 2002....I had faced the spare parts problem sometime back...but now its not a big deal...

The important thing is where you stay and is there any Tata/Fiat service center...If yes, ask them whether they have parts of the model which you are buying...If yes, then will say go ahead and buy this beauty...

Please donot listen to any one those who are saying that Palio is not a good car and so...

Its the best hatchback we have got...

About the price:- I did nt get whether its NV or not..
NV will cost you around:- 1.5lacs
without NV:- 1-1.2lacs

If you have any other question feel free to ask...

Answer by Kaustubh 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

The main advantage of Palio is its reliability and safert features combined with good interior space.Availability of spares is not a problem.Getting service is not a major issue as there are enoug number of Tata Fiat authorised service centers are available.Fiat Palio of 2003 can be bought for around 2.25 lac.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

Palio is a good option
there is no problem in getting spare can get a 2003 model for 1.2-1.5 max
35k mileage is fishy.

Answer by Tony 05 May 2009

TATA is the most pakao thing. leave it buy the car its one of his kind, and find a nice mechanic parts are available for normal service, for accident u can hit the chor bazaar type areas. like i had an accident 2 months ago, i gave it to some muslim mechanic and i mean it they have damn awesome ways to repair unavialable stuff so dont worry, if not available easily u can search places like cst road kurla,and chor bazaar like stuff. but normally parts dont wear out very fast, its like logic expensive the part more it runs

Answer by Mufaddal 05 May 2009

I bought a 2002 palio 1.6 6months back as a second car in place of a swift vlx.The perfomance is superb comparable to my Elantra crdi.Service and spares are not a problem as TVS is close by.Mileage is 2km less than Swift but as every owner brags driving is a pleasure and it hardly needs any attention.Good luck

Answer by Prabakar 05 May 2009

Hi Palio is a very good car, it gives you ultimate Safety and driving comfort. Spares is not a problem, lot of mechanics are available who can service Palio.

I own a Palio 2002 December 50k KMS and planning to sell it since I am going out of country. If interested pls mail me.

Answer by Nag 05 May 2009

Palio 2003 - Market Rate is 1.25 to 1.4 L.

Please check the engine condition with an expert mech.

Answer by Jey 05 May 2009

hi pal
I own a palio 1.9D 2003 december model. so i know very little about the petrol version. Ten days ago i bought a new fiat linea emotion pack diesel. I love them both.Its a pleasure to drive fiat. They are sturdy and grip the road while taking a turn at high speed.I feel safe inside a fiat.GOODLUCK TO U AND WELCOME TO FIAT FAN CLUB .

Answer by Dr Raviraj Patil 05 May 2009

Thanks everyone!
Small bits of apprehension have been erased. I was convinced with what I had read earlier too, but wanted further confirmation, especially for wife and others :-)
hope to get what I want. shall post after buying.

Answer by Sgv 05 May 2009

Happy Riding SGV and please share your experience with us once you buy the car.

Answer by Jijuanair 05 May 2009

Hi everyone!
We bought the car - a golden 2003 Palio and drove down from Chennai last evening. Very easy comfortable ride indeed (last one we drove was a Matiz with no PS). Have given it to local mechanics team for painting and touch up job... waiting for it to come spurced up!
Thanks again :-)

Answer by Sgv 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

Great job buddy!

All the best, and enjoy!

Answer by Akshay 05 May 2009

Thank you for a helpful post

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Answer by Bpautospares 10 October 2016

I have a fiat paIii GTX 1.6 Done 75,000 KMS in last 3 years...Delhi - Bangalore, 3 trips, Mumbai - Bangalore at least 10 trips..several other trips around 3-400 KMS... Fine car

Answer by MAS 02 February 2019
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