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i wnt 2 buy a tata sierra what is the difference between a turbo and std engine which is better
By Aarif 05 May 2009

Turbo is a engine cooling mechanism. basicly people dont care about it, but if you need it for a long run then turbo is a better option you may ask more about it in showroom.
thank you.

Answer by Amir 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

In Turbo engines swirl is induced with turbo which helps for better combustion than the sta dard ones.However if the Sierra with std engine is available at cheper price, it will be worth buying.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

buy the turbo it was a much better machine than the naturally aspirated one, the rest of the car is pretty much the same.the turbo gives much better driveability and came at a much later stage hence you would get a machine in much better state also the parts are easily available since the engine is still manufactured

Answer by Dhananjay 05 May 2009

Both these Tata Engines are bad. Worse off is the Turbo. Early Turbo-Engines by Tata were rubbish. There's Tons of Turbo Lag, which makes this engine diffcult to drive in city. The Turbo unit in itself is wheezy & the induction piping conks-off easily. Not recommended, but if you must, check the condition of the fins & blower assembly, Piping, & condition of the intercooler. Any Soot / oil deposit around turbo, intercooler or the hoses & you should dump the car.
The Naturally aspirated version underpowered.
Both are shoddy products & apart from the Engine, there's huge suspension, transmission & tyre-wear problems. Body tends to rust badly.

For the records though - Turbo is neither a swirl mechanism nor a cooling unit.

Naturally aspirated engines breath @ normal atmospheric pressure. Forced Induction Engines (Turbo-charged) are air-fed @ higher pressure, typically upto 5 psi. This forced induction is propelled by exhaust gases. Before entering the inlet manifold, the air is then cooled through an intercooler.

Answer by Sushim Roy 05 May 2009

i agree with sushim on all that he has written since i have owned both the versions of the sierra, just did not want to scare aarif that much, but aarif what sushim has written is the bare truth and thats exactly what you should expect once you go in for either of the machines, infact i gave similar comments to your earlier question aqnd i hope it proved helpfull....

Answer by Dhananjay 05 May 2009

I am plannin of buyying tata seirra s that vehicle good???? More over will we get spares in banglore???? And how s the maintainence part cheap r high??????

Answer by Prajwal Reddy 12 December 2013

i had, sierra turbo version.there is a big diffrence. std version does'nt have such pickup and gear box is also diffrent. turbo version is have pickup and G76 gear box. you can quick accelarate in 3rd gear, turbo also makes sweet whistle.....turbo model has fenderson side std dont,turbo model also have diffrent rear bumper with extra tail lights,std dont have.with broad balloon tyres turbo looks like a monster,its suspension is the best one i dont think any other car have such a comfy independent coil spring suspension.where ever u go does'nt matter how is the road. if there is a bump you will feel like you are sitting in a boat and boat feeling never make you feel you are on road or off was the best car tata ever was manufactured in wrong people brought only youngsters,mostly. then looking at the sales tata decided to shut it down.still its the best 2door car. hard to find good one,and people who owns does'nt keep it how youngsters use to keep it fully customised broad tyres with alloy wheels. turbo version is the best one......std is like a bluck cart

Answer by Nav 12 December 2015
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