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I own a maruti 800 and I'm planning to buy a new car. The things i'm looking in a car is reliable engine,comfortability and mileage. (I drive around 600 per month.) I'm very much interested in Chevrolet Spark as its cheaper compared other rivals in that category and mileage is better too. Alto is the best in terms of mileage but not comfortable and safe as Spark. Kindly suggest if my choice is right?
By Pasha 05 May 2009

* 600 km/mnth

Answer by Pasha 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

Spark is a good option for its power, space,,reliability and excellent warranty backup.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

hi....if u drive 600 kms per month then y dnt prefer diesel car? Secondly Chevrolet has a poor service network and poor dealer service. therfore checkout d feedback in ur area and then go for it. I wud rather say go for Estilo or Wagon they r decently priced (have upto 40k discounts) and ofcourse maruti's trouble free service.

Answer by Chandy 05 May 2009

With power train and drivability perpective, spark is arguably the best. But from mileage point of view its better to consider Maruti cars. Resale value of maruti cars is also more. But as the on road price of spark is comparable to alto after all the discounts, u can always go for spark because undoubtedly spark is a better car than alto with a more powerful engine......but alto mileage is about 2 kmpl more. So if you prefer mileage go for alto and in all other cases spark is a winner over alto.

Answer by Sarvanu 05 May 2009

U can go for Zen estilo, its a far better car then spark, and its backed by maruti service also which is the best. and maruti is offering great discounts also on this model.

Go for Estilo

Answer by Dheeraj 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

Comfortability is a personal choice as it depends on various factors of Extra Money but Reliability is another difficult question,since all vehicles are reliable to some extent,depending upon the maintenance done.I do not find anything wrong with Maruti for its price.Alto is better as fuel average is around 2 to 3 Kms more than Maruti but it will be slightly costlier to maintain.Spark cannot be compared to Maruti service and I do not have that experience about its mileage,power,etc. All are conflicting points as fuel average and Power are opposites.You cannot get Power and fuel average.Everything in life is compromise.If you like spark,go for it,but check with other Spark owners in your area for spare parts cost,as it may be costlier than Maruti or Alto.Everywhere there is a catch.One cannot answer all your questions.You have to buy a auto magazine and read and know.
Dr P C Rao, Consultant, ,Pune

Answer by Dr P C Rao 05 May 2009

Go for spark. i have spark. no problems ,safe and gives me mileage of 16kmpl.

Answer by Giridhar 05 May 2009
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