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I need a jeep, I found a Mahindra commander 4wd 1990 model hard top, 5 door jeep. They ask Rs. 65000. Some people says that the engine of those model is complaint. Please advise, is it a good deal??
By Sajeed 05 May 2009

65000 is high for 1990 Commander.
35000 to 40000 seems ok.

also be prepared to spend on lots of repairs once purchased.
its a very old engine.

Answer by Mir 05 May 2009

Not necessarily a bad deal, for this Commander could be very well maintained. The engines haven't changed much until the last two to three years. Mahindra engines are not hard to maintain. They have a simple design and are usually very easy to fix if something goes wrong. The four wheel drive capability is useful only if you are going to go off road or in challenging terrain. For four wheel performance, a Gypsy beats a Mahindra hands down in any conditions.

Answer by B S Kumar 05 May 2009
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