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Dear Sirs, I am having 2004 Ford Ikon 1.3 Flair My ? is that is it safe for the engine if i attach LPG gas kit in the car If it is safe then what will be the advantage & disadvantage of LPG Kit
By Prasad 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

With LPG cost per KM can reduce a little bit but the Engine life would reduce in long run and leads to increased maintenance costs.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

I did own an Ikon in the past, it would be safe to install the LPG kit but personally i don't recommend it for various reasons like the effect on the engine in the longer run, plus the safety hazards that can occur.

Answer by Durga Ray 05 May 2009

In the past I owned a FORD IKON but I have not converted it into Gas fuel. My advise is not to convert it by your self. let it be done by a ford authorised dealer for you. the gas conversion can invite many lead low efficiency,knocking and decrease in torque. Considering the above facts and the amount you are going to invest in gas conversion may not be that worth as you expect as heard from other people who have converted to gas on other brands of cars.

Answer by SUNDARARAJAN 05 May 2009


I completely agree with all of the above answera and above i personally advise that conversion of Ford to LPG/CNG is welcoming a trouble family hence do not plan such troubles.

Answer by Venu Madhav 05 May 2009

What are all these people talking about? LPG is a much more clean burning fuel than petrol. The torque curve of the engine changes with the new fuel, but other than that, there is very little to complain about. The engine runs quieter, knocks less in low speeds and definitely increases engine life. IF improperly fitted, it might give problems, but LPG by itself is a boon for petrol engines. However, I have heard from a few different LPG conversion experts that the Ford Ikon is a particularly difficult car to convert to LPG. So, weigh your options, but no need to fear LPG. It is an excellent fuel.

Answer by B S Kumar 05 May 2009

Thanks to all of u for ur replys

Answer by Prasad 05 May 2009

now i got ford fiasta sport. eariler was having ford 1.6 with lpg and tell you it never suit for ford ikon at all. trust me

Answer by Sameer 05 May 2009

Hello Prasad, if u dont want to screw your happiness then never ever go for LPG kit. U just invite lots of troubles rather u sell it off and buy another car if its running cost is making big hole in ur pocket.

Answer by Anoop 05 May 2009

I owned a Ford Ikon for 9 years. I sold it because maintenance was getting too expensive. Theoretically it is possible to fit in an LPG kit for the Ikon. But as of now it is not done at the dealerships. You will be taking a risk in getting it done elsewhere. LPG is a lot cleaner and Cheaper. But the power and performance of the vehicle will suffer. Engine life might be shortened a little. Weighing the pros and cons it is my advise not to go for the LPG kit

Answer by Srinivas 05 May 2009

LPG is 1/2 the price of petrol - so very very economical
U loose the boot space in ur cars as the tank is sitting out there now
Advantages :
1. LPG is 1/2 the price of petrol - so very very economical
2. This one is more important - you might have experienced knocking when u
fill bad quality petrol on highways - however LPG cannot be adultarated ,
so the car infact runs more smoothly (personal experience)
3. Tank capacity is 42 Litres of LPG so say in a maruti 8 seater u can
easily cover a nice trip of about 500 kilometers.
4. LPG stations are available in pune (4 till now), mumbai (countless) ,
delhi and at many other places also.

Disadvantages :
1. Fitting it in MPFI cars is a bit difficult.
2. U loose the boot space in ur cars as the tank is sitting out there now.

Answer by Kumarc 05 May 2009

conversion of lpg is not advisable generally in case of ford ikon ,but i've got successed with that ,but initially i face some problems like bursting of air filter ,later i was success, if it is 1.3 engine no problem,if it is 1.6 it 'll be little bit problem initially,after fitting the lpg u must drive at the speed of 80km'hr speed for some 4000kms after that u 'll be success

Answer by Muthukumar 05 May 2009

please call mr.venkatesh he will provide lot of information about ikon LPG kit .phone no ;09884899964

Answer by Dhananjayan 05 May 2009

I bougt Ford Ikon 1.6 (2000). Can I fit the LPG kit? Is there is any problem for me?

Answer by Vimal 05 May 2012

I bought Ford Ikon 1.3 flair, planning to convert LPG. its very good and powerful in petrol hits more than 180 speed succesfully. I need advice and ahare ur experiances for this conversion. thanks

Answer by Raja 02 February 2014

hiiiiiiiiii frnz

i have ikon 1.3 flair please all of you give me suggestion for fitting LPG or cng in car

Answer by Prashant 10 October 2014

Dear All ,I Bought Ford Ikon 1.3 and Fitted LPG Gas kit since than car is working fine on LPG but causing problem in petrol ,along with this I am Daiily facing problem in starting the car in morning time .I am sure that problem is due to gas only as when stopped using gas it start working smothly on Petrol ,Kindly help in understanding if any better way is there rather than removing the kit

Answer by Varun 02 February 2015
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