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I have a beautiful damsel "A Daeweo Matiz" in distress. Its a perfect family car for me. A recent development with it is the coolant flows out of the lid on switching off the engine after a drive with the a.c on. it works fine without the air conditioner. on the technicians recommendations the gasket of the engine head was changed. still the problem persists. Can any one send me a solution for my damsel in distress.
By Packz 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

The problem seems to be due to defective radiator pressure cap or scaling of radiator.Please get the same checked .

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

First logically the overloading of engine is the main cause.
Check AC system for undue overload,or whether the compressor in the AC requires lot of power to turn it,and then after locating the root cause,then you can find a solution.
The radiator cap has a rating and if it is a wrong radiator cap,it may cause a problem,as the Boiling point of water is not raised to a higher level,if the correct Radiator cap is used.Usually Caps make the water to boil not at 100C but it now boils at a higher temperature due to design of Cap.
Lastly you can check whether the radiator is clogged,allowing the temperature to shoot up to very high levels causing Boiling of water and throwing out the same.
Or the Gasket must have blown off. The Mechanic in a Good Dealership or Private Repairer can easily fix up this problem but the main thing to worry is the spare parts.
Whether you will be able to get the Original spares of MAtiz which is now currently out of production,but Spark dealer should help you better.
If you are in Pune,you can take my Help by contacting me.
Yours .
Dr P C Rao, Retired Professor in Engg,Mgmt, CIRT, Pune.
and has a forty five years experience in this auto industry.

Answer by Dr P C Rao 05 May 2009

Thanks for your valuable replies, especially Dr. PC Rao with all the technicalaties and root causes.

Answer by Prakash 05 May 2009

I agree with other comments, the car may be getting overheated. Usually in Matiz, on overheating of engine, the Air Conditioner gets cut off automatically. If the AC is not getting auto switched off, you may also want to get the auto-switch checked or changed.

Wishing you good luck with the car,

Answer by Kapil Bamba 05 May 2009

Yes, I do had the same problem with my matiz car. The car loses its pickup when I switch on the A/C. I have changed the gasket and made engine overall. Now it is working better. Most of the service center do not take matiz car for service. TVS will take and they do better.But I would recomend this for the matiz car, when you see your car engine get overhead, kindly do switch off the A/C.

Answer by Vinod 05 May 2009
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