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I have ZEN LX Dec. 2004 model in excellent condition.Total kms done 27000. I take out car twice a month run 10-15 kms. & park.Serviced every 6-9 months i.e about 1000kms through Maruti service station.Is this maintanace ok & enough? Pl. advise. Sharma
By Sharma 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

Maintenance schedule is ok.Please take care to start the engine and run for a while atleast two to three days once.Also Check that the vehicle is not exposed to rusting conditions ie water and air.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

do you want to sell it?
if yes get in touch. i may be interested.

Answer by Mir 05 May 2009

Pune price 215000/ . comprehensive insurance. Auto india certified car. Tubeless tyres, Sony music system.I am 3rd owner.White color.Fog lamps, with service history to prove my millage. phone 09881710822.Price non negotiable.

Answer by Sharma 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

As my friend suggested,it is okay,but my added observation,is to check the battery distilled water and top it up every 3months initially and if it does not get evaporated,you can adjust for once in 4 ,5,or 6 months.Check tyre pressures as it may get reduced but if you find it is holding air for the first three months,then you need not worry.If it is a closed gargage,or openly kept,it may attract Dust and rusting will start.Ask some watchmen to dust it every day or once in two days,and your Zen will be as good as before. I am a proud owner of Zen 2000 model done about 55000 Kms,and I service at maruti dealer once a year but I take out the car once in two or three days,for my vegetables and temple visits nearby.I check and have to fill up distilled water every 3 months.My battery life is around 5yrs initally,and now it is running for 3rd year without any problem.Tyres still original and some parts were unnecessarily replaced during repairs/service.Ask for an estimate before you leave the car for servicing and repairs.The mechanic unnecessarily replaced the complete Steering assembly,costing a fortune.It is better to be near the vehicle when getting serviced or repairs and if you are not there,you will get a fat bill (Rs.17000 for service/small repairs like noise in suspension).It is just a warning to all Owners.
Dr P C Rao -Pune-

Answer by Dr P C Rao 05 May 2009

i m not agree with dr p c rao. that mechanik increase the bill when owner not at a car.normally service time 3 month. but dr sir leave car a 12 month after. in betwin they maintain only battery as there statement. i can say to all that ask the bill from mechanik and judgement it is ok or fraud in part replacement and price. or u suply the spare and go only for labour work. dr sir u cant blame on a mechanik profession. how can possible to live with car till repairs the mechanik. pl tell me any body can car owner live with mechanik 3/4 days in . only one advice of the dr sir is best that ask estimate if afford to u give to service or do self. and there is too diffrent betwin company showroom service and private service garrage. company service centre will change part not service and say pl do it in next service. private garrage will adjust it . so bill comes some less. thanks to all viwer pl think the diffrence

Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI 05 May 2009

All petrol maruti cars need to be srrviced in 1 yr or 10000km running which ever is earlier.there is no need to get it serviced prior to any of the conditions mentioned above.You need to take the estimate before handing over the car for service.Which is +/- 10 % variation only

Answer by SANGRAM DHAL 05 May 2009

I have a Zen Lxi-Bharat II(2004 Feb. Model) I used to service through Maruti Agents as per the Car Book let. After the third service, every 5000 KMS I am servicing because of limited use only (so far run only 12,000 KMS).
While servicing the Representative of the Agent is advicing
me to add Additives in the fuel and cost around Rs.500/=
every service and plug, wheel alignment, filling engine oil,
brake oil etc. etc. will cost rs.3000/-. My question in that how can we know they put additives or not. Also, brake settings and other settings they done or not. These things always simply we believing only. Now I am servicing in private workshops with expert Mechanics with my presence only. So I am getting better satisfaction than the Agents.
Thanks and be sure not to cheat these people.

Answer by Anns 05 May 2009

Keeping long period idle is not good especially for Battery.
Keeping idle is not good for Tyres.Check the Tyre pressure, Battery water and the Plugs. If possible use waterless Battery.If the vehicle is in a closed car park then no need to worry about rust and dust. When you take the car for riding always check the brakes are jammed or not. Once in a while remove the tyres and spray WD-40 in the disk and drums will protect brake jamming. Also check the exhaust
is there are water accumulating while staring.

Answer by Anns 05 May 2009
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