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Sir, I have a car since 1998 Rover Montego 2.0 DLX-Torbo.I wants to repair its engine,so where I have to contact for its parts in India.
By Prasantannu 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

You can contact Navnit motors in Mumbai and Bangalore for the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

It will be difficult to get the engine overhauled for a Montego, as the parts are difficult to find. Also, Navnit Motors etc will charge a lot of money for the same, which, ultimately, will not be worth the value of the car. If the car is in a good condition otherwise, I suggest that you change the engine and get it approved from the RTO. This should not be a problem, as the car was originally a diesel. I suggest a Nissan CD20T, if possible, as it develops 90bhp, which is very close to the original Cummins engine in the Montego which developed 88bhp. Only difference is that the Cummins engine was a DI engine (the first Turbocharged DI engine in a passenger car in India) and the Nissan will be an IDI engine. Thats ok.
Explore this option rather than trying to get the engine overhauled.
In case you are only looking for specific parts in the engine, let me know, as I can try and identify sources for you.

Answer by Sasi Menon 05 May 2009

thanks mr.sasi menon & shiv shankar that u helped me to findout these parts.

Answer by Prasantannu 05 May 2009

hi i have montego engine so call me 9397963448

Answer by Sameer 03 March 2014

cam shaft damage im montego rover.. i need that crank shaft .can any one help me sir

Answer by Gopinath 10 October 2015

cam shaft damage in my montego rover . i need cam shaft r. used enjine .. my no 9171614171

Answer by Gopinath 10 October 2015

I want the windscreen of rover montego 2.0 diesel
Can anyone help

Answer by GD 02 February 2017

I can help regarding the engine overhaul and camshaft. I am also looking for a front windshield. I am considering importing a few. Anyone interested in buying can give me their requirement. Mehta. mehtashankar at Special characters not allowed, so please put in the correct format.

Answer by Mehta 05 May 2017

I am also looking for windshield of Montego

Answer by Gurdeepak Singh 05 May 2019

I need Rover Montego water body model 1997 Diesel.

Answer by Pradeep 11 November 2019


Answer by Pradeep 11 November 2019

I got montego rover estate 1995 model with 2.0 turbo diesel engine for sale . Intrested contact 9035067886

Answer by Niranjan Rao 05 May 2020

I require few interior parts for my montego
If anyone has it pls let me know
Am from bangalore

Answer by Ronnie 04 April 2021

Any montego rover for sale
please reply to me at jeyakumarc at

Answer by Jeya Kumar 01 January 2022

I have a austin rover montego and I want to sell it for a good price
contact me - 8806973114

Answer by Kaustubh Gumane 02 February 2022

Hi I am looking for a rover Montego 1996 model water pump , timing belt contact 9965022806

Answer by Kumar 05 May 2022

I need camshaft e camshaft cover for Montego 2.0 turbo diesel

Answer by Gianluca Giagnuolo 10 October 2022

I am having 1995 diesel montego 2.0L full car , for which now head of my car engine got damaged ,I am thinking of scraping it if any one intreseted take it ,replay asap 9380094278

Answer by Jaffar Sadiq 10 October 2022

Mr.jaffar please contact me vijusandu at gmail as i am looking foe some spares

Answer by Viju 02 February 2023
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