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Recently I have purchased a new Tata indica v2 Diesel car for my personal use (usage is very less i.e. < 1000 km/month) .Kindly advise me to keep engine update/suggest me to avoid starting problem if any. Regards, A.K.Biswal
By Akshay Biswal 05 May 2009

Your Indica V2 doesn't require any special care or maintenance procedure to keep it in good condition. Since you drive less, the one thing you can do is to let the engine warm up (about a minute of running) and allow the viscous engine oil to circulate a little before you drive out. If you are not going to drive it for days, you could perhaps start it once in a while and let it run for a few minutes. That will keep your battery charge up and the fuel lines working.

Answer by B S Kumar 05 May 2009

Also I wish to bye indica v2 dls but I read many negetive view about it.
Now I change my wish and I go for alto.

Answer by Anirban 12 December 2012
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