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Hi, I am planning to buy Maruti 800 Duo (Petrol and LPG), it is 6 months old and only 5000km run. The guy is going to US so he is selling his car, he is demanding 1.9Lac for the car. The car costed him 2.75L. Is it worth to spend 1.9L for Maruti 800 Duo ?
By Vaibhav Sinha 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

It seems to be a good deal for 6 months old 800 duo.But considering the present on road price of 800 duo metalic around 2.65 lac and also considering usage and availabillity of other cars. The price of 1.75 lac should be satisfactory for the buyer.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

Yes, definitely a good deal. You could put pressure on the seller since he is going to leave shortly. However, if you ask yourself if you are getting the best car value for the money you are willing to spend, probably not. The options for you to weigh are whether you want to buy a small car that is practically new, or another car with many more options, maybe even a bigger car. Ultimately, you should feel good driving the car you want to buy. If you drive this car, and it feels right for you, a few thousands up or down should make no difference. Happy driving!

Answer by B S Kumar 05 May 2009

1.6L would be the approx price you should pay for the car.

Answer by Amol 05 May 2009

maruti co. sales report confirms that the sales of 800 are dn 50%. besides the car is proposed to be phased out shortly.
keeping in view the above a price of 1.5 L is reasonable if the car is excellent state. also depends whether u r a long term buyer cos u shall not get return money on a phased out model.

Answer by R Singhal 05 May 2009

as maruti about to update 800 models euro norms this will be
will be outdated and more over the value for money is less
if ur ready to better you can find other manifacturers with good luxury and features or if you want the same bargain below 1.5lack and less

Answer by Mnvivekananda 05 May 2009

I am selling the Maruti 800 Duo (Petrol and LPG), for 1.5L for more details pls contact :

Answer by Mohammed 05 May 2009

my dear frnd don't read too many msgs just pay the price & have fun goodluck(may be u can negotiate a lill)

Answer by Sandeep Singh 05 May 2009

Hi Vaibhav,
No doubt, Maruti is a good brand to use, expecially 800, in terms of milege & maintainence its very cheap & affordable. Let me tell you vaibhav, before going for a duo verson, ensure your daily running of your car, if it is 60-70 Kms daily only then go for LPG Version otherwise there is no use for LPG. Moreover you are spending 1.90 L for a used Car. in this amount you can go for a 1.0 L engine also ex. Santro (2005-2006 Model) you can get a good condition Santro in that price.

Answer by Neeraj 05 May 2009
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