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i have taken honda unicorn 9 days ago,bike throttle and pickup is very excellent but as the company says it gives an average of 60 kmpl, but the bike is del;ivering only 40 kmpl. can you suggest driving tips for increasing the bike performance in terms of average.
By Narsingh Thakur 05 May 2009
Expert`s comment:

The mileage of 60KMPL from Unicorn is quite exagerated.The averge of 50KMPL should be good.As you are getting 40KMPL, with good driving habits like running in economy speed, constant speed, switch off the engine if idling is more than 30 sec etc mileage can be improved a lot.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2009

sir , u purcase just ,so yet ur habit not set with this bike, pl ride 1000 km u will get near 50 km. next it may increase 55 pl. it defend on ur drive style. any how 50 confirm after 1st/2nd service .tell ur dealer also. dont drive over 60km speed till 5000 kms run

Answer by Gautam Chand Jain 05 May 2009

You;re run in should be hard. Don't keep the engine speed constant. Keep increasing it beyond 5000 rpm. This will help the piston rings to fit in properly in the cylinders. Later wear will be reduced. If you do a soft run in now, later performance will reduce and if you accelerate harshly, you will end up getting about 35 to 40 mileage. So do a hard run in for more performance and mileage.

Answer by Sid 05 May 2009

Rev the engine to allow proper piston bedding.As the engine wears the mileage will improve.Mileage also depends on driving habits and traffic conditions

Answer by Amol 05 May 2009

Mileage is initially low with any new vehicle. It starts improving with each of initial 2-3 services, as the vehicles gets proper settings / tuning after running few hundred kilometres. Tell your service station about mileage issue when you get the bike serviced.

Answer by Rajiv Bhatia 05 May 2009

Boss,let the engine will set so it run more then 2-3k then it ll give ur expectation,Drive safely and smoothly.

Answer by Mohamed 05 May 2009

I own a Unicorn 2004 model, to me it gives 50kms/ltr,the average mileage of Unicorn is 50-52kns/ltr.your vehicles mileage will improve after the third service, otherwise you just check the vehicle with a authorised mechanic.

Answer by Anu Jose 05 May 2009

HI FRNDZ. bofore 3 days i got cb unicorn i got average mileage of 39kmpl. i want some tips to improve the mileage

Answer by Shiva 10 October 2013

my unicorn bike giving poor performance and poor mileage.The mileage is only 36km.Before the 1st service i get 55 km mileage.after that service mileage is 36 complete 4 service and bike run 11000 km.i contact the service center and they tuned mileage at 4 no use.mileage stil 36.what can i do?pls help me.Pls.

Answer by Nithin R 09 September 2013

I bought Unicorn a week ago.. Can you guys please advice what idle speed i should maintain during initial days and what speed to ride .. currently I am riding below 40kmph and rev below 4k..

Answer by Lohith 12 December 2014

Really a Bakwaas Bike. my unicorn done only 4900 kms and it has piston rings problem. black smoke comes from exhaust and my family members have to involve to start the bike in cold situation.

Answer by Shekhar 11 November 2013

To increase honda unicorn mileage do a mileage tuning from authorized honda service centre. From my experience, before tuning mileage was 45 and after tuning it increased to 53-55 KM/Ltr, But there was a slight degradation in power performance.

Answer by Siju Thomas 11 November 2013

I own a unicorn. It consistently giving me an avg 50kmpl. but i use my bike not regularly as im staying outside the home. so my bike performance is getting reduced and im afraid of it. can anyone suggest me some means so that i can have my past happyness with me. Especially pickup,

Answer by Maruthi 07 July 2013

Not upto satisfaction. Engine firing missing during cold start for approx five minutes till the the time engine is getting Hot.

Answer by AXBZ 02 February 2014

i want honda unicorn milage tips tells dear send 9962824665

Answer by Kumar 04 April 2014

hai guys i bought new honda unicorn 11/07/2014 and my bikes give only 30kmpl and i gived to other good mechanic in my area he find that problem its help full for u, the choke wire is the problem its little bit up in my carburator thats why its millage is dopped so pls check choke wire in carburator
its defenatly increase ur millage beleve me now iam getting 52kmpl.

Answer by Gopinath 07 July 2014

I have booked my first bike honda unicorn, the reason i bought it cause of my childhood dream to own a Unicorn.
Since i havent used it at all, plese pour up with suggestion of do's and donts, so that i can start good.
Thanks in advance to guys.

Answer by Mohan 07 July 2014

I m driving up to 40-50kmphr , I getting 69kmpl .
I believe in unicorn.

Answer by Akshay S 07 July 2014

@Akshay S, really u r getting 69kmpl ??
Which petrol u use it..

Answer by Mohan 08 August 2014

Hi friend if u r really think about the mileage mileage then follow the following thing:
1) service ur bike regulerly
2) ur speed should be 40-50 kmph
3) try to maintain the accurate air pressure

My highest average on my unicorn is 69.6 kmpl......

Answer by PM 08 August 2014

i have a Honda Unicorn 2007 model, more then 2,50,000 k.m. and i love it.
in the starting 2 years i got millage between 75 to 55, then i started racing on my bike and i was getting millage between 35 to 50, now after 267000 km it is giving me millage of 35, but i have never took my bike for clutch-plate replacement,timing chain or any other Engine Related problem, trust me guys,my engine is still as packed,as i bought it,
the chain set changed once only,and tires are changed twice, but no body touche the engine part,till now, is there anything left to say, my bike is zero maintenance bike, more then 2.5 LAKH kilometers, and no issues, it performs awesome today, and i am sure,it can take me more then 1 lakh without any issue,fore sure.
outstanding performance,
this bike is really a ROCK STAR

Answer by GURKIRAN 08 August 2015

hi, am purchase the unicorn in Oct Month and engine get over heated around 10 kilometres and am getting only 35-38 mileage and third service is over.
Currently 5700 kilometres is running. please can any one suggest the solution.

Answer by Vinayakumar G 05 May 2018

Dear all
Ur comments are all good but the comments are not sure, please give direct comment for buy or not this bike

Answer by PRAVIN 11 November 2018

I use Honda unicorn myself done 50000 kms on it, in your case after 1000kms mileage increases as initially break in period is there.

TIP : Ride in 5thgear at 4000rpm to get 55kmpl

Answer by Niranjan Badade 10 October 2019
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