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I Want to Know about Indica Vista TDI Engine Performance
By RAJU 04 April 2009

go for swift its the best car, indica isnt a gud car, poor fit and finish, ride quality is bad, just coz it is cheap is being a seller in india, other wise its not a car its just like a mini truck

Answer by Dheeraj 04 April 2009

The Indica Vista TDi can be expected to be the same as the older Indica Turbo. The Vista TDi has an intercooler, which the older Indica Turbo didn't have. That means that it develops slightly more power. However, since the kerb weight if the Vista is a little more than the older Indica, expect the car to be marginally more sluggish or the same as the older Indica.
Driving impressions: The turbo kicks in effectively only above 2000rpm, so driving in stop go traffic with the TDi engine is no fun. Also, when the turbo kicks in, it does so with a bang and you need to learn how to control this sudden burst, if you are to be able to drive the car around easily.
Engine: The TDi engine is the older engine and is a derivative of the original engine of the Indica / Indigo series, which, in turn is a poor copy of the Peugeot TUD5 series engine. The earlier versions of these engines never lasted more than 1 lakh kilometers and were prone to all kinds of failures. Tata has improved the quality since and if well maintained, these engines can last upto 2 lakh kilometers without major problems. However, since there is lack of consistency in production of these engines, you may be unlucky enough to get a bad piece, in which case, you will face a lots of problems. If you are lucky, well.. you are lucky!
Suggestion: If you really want to buy the Indica Vista, spend some more money and buy the Aqua / Aura with the Fiat 1.3 Multijet Engine (Quadrajet, as per Tata terminology). That is an awesome engine and will not give you problems.

Answer by Sasi Menon 04 April 2009

Dheeraj is completely wrong. I have both swift and Indica vista tdi. But I prefer Vista over Swift in highway rides. Road grip and weight is far more superior than swift. Swift has cramped interior .. Only Maruti lovers who has previously own a maruti alto or 800 are blind about Swift.

Answer by Abhisek 09 September 2016

my tata vista tdi terra model picup is very law.. so wich problem in engin

Answer by Maulik 04 April 2017

Actually indica vista kafi sasti padti hai aur kuch log aur jyada saste mai is car ko use karte hai aur duplicate part delva dete hai phir bole hai yaar tata ki cars bekar hai

Answer by Ankur 05 May 2017

i am very agree with abhisek as i have indica vista tdi run 1 lac km but still smooth engine only oil change required on time
swift has only sporty look other than nothing
you cant control swift over speed of 120 kmph it will definetly vible on road
on pickup point i am agree its slight low than swift

Answer by Param 06 June 2017

Is indica vista tdi engine good...

Answer by Adhi 07 July 2017

Is indica vista tdi engine good

Answer by Adhi 07 July 2017


Answer by PRASAD A.G 04 April 2018

I have purchased da tata vista tdi 2011 second hand car .but am confused. What is your advise plz sir

Answer by Sahib 05 May 2018

The temperature rise in tata vista tdi can cause due to the faulty radiator cap. Replace the radiator cap. Me too experienced the same before 2 months

Answer by Abish Abhay 07 July 2018

yes very good performance indica vista tdi

Answer by Amjad 09 September 2018

Maulik check the mass air flow sensor working Or clean the turbo

Answer by Satnam Singh Sidhu 03 March 2019

Indica vista tdi engine is powerful .if you want engine life is to long .you can change engine pul every 7000km .use only original oil .i run my vista tdi 110000 im .tell smooth ru

Answer by Navdeep 05 May 2019

I own a 2009 indica Vista almost complete 165k kilometers on road and my car is completely healthy even now I am doing round trip for 1000km in two days agree for AC problem

Answer by Rutvik 01 January 2020

I geuss it is a skoda engine if you bought it 2010 ish 1.9TDi

Answer by VBna 12 December 2020

Please help is their any back compression in TDI engine It has run near about 52000 Pickup is good no engine oil consumption.average is also 16

Answer by Dilip Rajput 03 March 2021

why indica vista tdi engine stops when riding very slowly or when there is a pit or little slope or wheel is fully turned.

Answer by Pravinkumar.M 04 April 2021

Sir my indica Vista 1.4 TDI ke engine se oil leakage ho rha hai.aur starting me black smock bhi nikalta hai.kya problem hai please suggest me

Answer by Mahboob Ali 08 August 2021

Mera Indica Vista lx2013 hai jab bhi gadi ka ac band rehta hai to smoth aur acha chalta hai but ac start karne par totally 50 pickup drop hojata hai kya aisa hi hai gadi ya proble

Answer by Abhijeet 08 August 2022
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