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my swift vdi 2007 dec 11200km gives 16km on highway & 14km city i was told it should give 19 or more on highway&17 in city what should i do 2 get more mileage? plz answer thanx
By Vasanth 04 April 2009

Just neutral ur vehical in slpoe down areas
always drive as u wont require brakes

Answer by Vikas 04 April 2009

Apply 2 Daily wages labour, to push your car without starting it for 4 kms, in this way it will give +2 extra milaege,greater than expected by you

Answer by Mithun 04 April 2009

Many solutions. Rather obvious:
- Keep inflated tires. A little over inflated won't hurt.
- Make sure your car is not loaded with un-necessary accesories that add weight. Weight is the biggest factor.
- Every 3rd of 4th fuel up put in Premium fuel, high octane.
- When stopped, do not ramp up. Go progressively not exceeding 2.2 RPM.

That will do it.

Answer by Satyan 04 April 2009
Expert`s comment:


The manufacturers specify mileage after testing in standard conditions and it will always be on higher side.To get best mileage please follow standard driving habits and get the vehicle serviced as per schedule.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2009

Shift gears quicker. And yes, use neutral.

Answer by Sid 04 April 2009

hey the problem you are facing can only be because of your driving pattern.
diesel and petrol cars have a veryy diff. way of driving and if you have graduated from a petrol car then it will take some time to understand diesel car.
anyways jus understand your swift and you WILL GET 18KPL ATLEAST IN CITY without loosing the pep!
cheers ...

Answer by Kedar 04 April 2009
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