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my budget is 50K. i am looking for a 2nd hand car. my average run will be around 500kms a month. what are my options? where do i look for the right car...
By Nilesh 04 April 2009

Browse through this website :)

Answer by Sid 04 April 2009

Please do not go for a Car... The budget suits good for a 100 cc Motorcyle..Go for a new bike instead of a 20 year old car....

Answer by Zameer Khan 04 April 2009

Go through web sites or better contactr a car dealer... You can easily get a old Maruti in good condition for 50,000..

Best Of LUCK

Answer by Himanshu Sharma 04 April 2009

with this 50k budget, u can only buy a old M-800, & hope that u will get a gud one

Answer by Neeraj 04 April 2009

2-3 options starting from cheapest : fiatpremier padmini if ur in mumbai 15-25000 , maruti800 : 20-45000, if ur indelhi get u hand on some old honda or toyota they ar amazing to drive and better then the old Indian cars

Answer by Varun 04 April 2009

Where are you based Nilesh?

In the current market there are many Esteem available in good condition, you might have to spend couple of grands more to get one in better condition

Answer by Shripal Shah 04 April 2009
Expert`s comment:

With budget of 50k you can buy a maruti 800.Please search option for the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2009

I have used cars at good prices. Pl. call me at 9810480217 to fine more

Answer by Amin 04 April 2009

in your budget i have very good options for you, m-800, zen, matiz...if intersted thn call me at 9910405251

Answer by Dipanshu 05 May 2009

i have m8oo see my ad here and reply. price 79500. 2000 feb model. in pune. plz call 9892133222

Answer by Sunil 05 May 2009
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