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Hello expert, i wish to buy Santro Gls Lpg model. want to know what is the comparitive benefit of Lpg with Petrol. (i.e if i spend Rs.100 for petrol, how much k.m i can go and if i spend Rs.100 for LPG,how much k.m i can go.
By BALAMURUGAN 04 April 2009
Expert`s comment:

With Santro petrol mileage is around 15kmpl on average and with LPG around 250 kmpl per filling .The performance and life of engine with petrol is much better than with LPG.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2009

1 kg LPG on a well tunned gas kit wil give u the same milage ud get with 1 ltr petrol .. a km less maybe ,.. depending on how u drive .. diffrence is 1 kg gas cost 27.77 Rs where as 1 kg petrol cost 46 bucks.. i have a gas kit in my car trust me u would not use petrol if u were looking for economy!!

Answer by Brian 05 May 2009

Ithink Lpg is not a good idea driving a petrol car this will reduse the life of the engine and later will have to repair the engine and more over LPG is not a success in cars I have marui gypsy I drove 35000km without any problem later I got LPG fit and since than the problem started intially seemed good eventually engine damaged and had to repair engine spending 20000 later realised that both the way was of same expense.

Answer by Syed 05 May 2009
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