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Hello, i have tata tiago xz, and i tried many car usb charger in the socket but it did not fit perfectly,it was to loose. As i connect the usb cable to charge it charges but comes out if lightly shaked.Is there any usb charger which fits in correctly ?.
01 January 2017

Same problem here have to find any solution

Answer by Kunjal 05 May 2017

Even i also have same problem.Guys did you get any solution for this

Answer by Pradeep 07 July 2017

same problem man. Urgently need a fix.

Answer by Indramani 07 July 2017

Hey Guys I have the same problem as well.
Did you find any solution, I am planning on visiting a Accessory shop to change the socket, Apparently, the socket standard that Tata uses in most of the cars are different from other car manufacturers

Answer by Vinod. 11 November 2017

I m also facing d same issue... Pls. Any one reply for solution

Answer by MANISH VERMA 12 December 2017

I am also facing the same issue

Answer by Rohtash Patel 05 May 2018

Did any one found solution for this

Answer by Sarthak 07 July 2018

Same issue with my Tata tigor xz...

Answer by Nitin 12 December 2018

I too had a same problem. I had used MI car charger

Answer by Eranna 06 June 2019

Yes. Same problem. I have Tiago Wizz , And Boat Charger. Its loose. I think this is problem in Tiago.

Answer by Sanket 08 August 2019

Hey. I am using a boat charger. It works nicely.

Answer by Akshay 09 September 2019

Hey I am also facing the similar issue... Any solution yet

Answer by Ayush 10 October 2019

Hi i am using Tata tigor i am having USB problem when I plug in usb i am getting error msg how to solve this problem

Answer by Madhavan 01 January 2020

USB devices with up to 32 GB of memory
are supported by the system

Answer by Subhashish 08 August 2020
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