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My car's highway mileage has been reduced from 14 kmpl to 10 kmpl. please give solutions to bring the old mileage back on my car. and my driving speed is 90 kmph only. please help me and please tell what should i need to check on my car. leave a reply please. it's very urgent. and last year my cars timing belt was broken while running so i had to replace the valves. can this be the reason?? my car never gave me such a bad mileage on highways. but from 2016 it's giving very pathetic mileage. please answer with solution.
12 December 2016

The best article saw such an interesting article, whether buying a new car what are the terms and conditions need to be the focus, pls reply, well looking towards for your next blog.

Answer by Learninggears 12 December 2020

service your car check a engine oil , filters , alignment of your car check your Ac coolant properly

Answer by Shrikant Soneawane 04 April 2022
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