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I want to purchase a car but confused between swift vxi and celerio zxi optional. Which car should i purchase ? My monthly running is abot 600 km.

By Gopal on Dec 4, 2016


  • The million dollar question is the one about the right time to sell your car. The time you decide, is the best but first do the necessary homework and then go for the deal. This helps to get the right price for your vehicle. Do not be in a hurry. Seek advice from experts. Seeking expert advice is not that difficult. You can find it with a click. There are online sites like that provide their expertise to help you get the right price for your car. They take into consideration a lot of factors while deriving at the price. Visit here
    Answer by Nitin Patidar on Dec 5, 2016

  • Dear Nitin, its a simple question regarding what car to buy. Why are you promoting IBB which refers to used cars
    Answer by Guru on Dec 5, 2016

  • Dear Gopal, Swift is way better than Celerio in terms of Power Delivery, Drivability and overall driving experience. But Celerio will get you better mileage. As you have shortlisted Swift VXI and Celerio ZXi, I would suggest you to go for Celerio ZXI considering the security point of view since Celrio ZXI will provide you ABS and two air-bags, which are absent in Swift VXI.
    Answer by Saptarshi on Dec 5, 2016

  • I would suggest to go for swift VXI which comes with abs and 2 airbags.
    Swift is more powerful compared to celerio. Also swift comes with 4 cylinder engine where nvh levels are very good compared to celerio.
    Answer by Chaitanya on Dec 5, 2016

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