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I want to buy a SUV. Pls suggest Safari or Scorpio. Price is not a constraint for theses vehicle.
By Kamal Mehra 04 April 2009

Lookwise Safari is good. But difficult to sell.

Scorpoi - Comfortless vehicle

Innova is best, if budget allows

Answer by Mathew Purackel 04 April 2009

Try XYLO. Safari is also great. don't know about scorpio. Innova is also value for money. Above all these, XYLO, being a new car will offer you all modern facilities which may not be there in other old cars. XYLO has great looks also. Mahindra builds fuel efficient cars as compared to Toyota. Tatas also builds fuel efficient cars.

Answer by Anurag Bhandari 04 April 2009

personally i feel scorpio is not an suv... its just a jeep with a fancy body...
compared to the 2 safari is a real beauty...
the car is a hard core suv...

u can also try to go for a crv or an endeavor if the budget allows...

my advice if i was in your shoes id go for the safari or a 2nd hand Ford endeavor

Answer by Adithya 04 April 2009

Hi ! I think sfari is better than scorpio becoz it has comfortable seating as well as 2.2ltr dicor engine & the bhp is also 140 ps, just in mileage & resale value it is littile behind than scorpio, but go 4 safari

Answer by Manish 04 April 2009

For SUV, go ahead with Ford endeavor; which will give performance, maintainability, luxury, ease of drive and SPACIOUS to accomodate the complete family or a group to freekout with.
It doesn't have engine vibrations and noice getting on to the passenger compartment.
Brand new 4X4 will cost you around 16Lakhs. see for used car in local market.


Answer by Vinay 04 April 2009

Scorpio is an out and out SUV meant for Indian roads and Off roads. Among Indian SUV's its miles ahead in technology, which M&M have constantly upgraded since they launched the car. Real value for money, drive the latest fully loaded model and find out for yourself. If your budget is not a constraint, then only look for foreign cars.
Innova's/Xylo's are not offroaders or SUV's which you are looking for. I have a Scorpio VLX and know for sure.

Answer by Rao 04 April 2009
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