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Hello experts, I need a bit of advice here ,I have brought a used tata safari 2.2vtt dicor 2007 model 3.5 years ago ,which have been driven about 150000 kms till now . I am in a dilemma weather to sell this one and buy another small car or to restore this one and use it for another few years here are few points to consider before going to my question. safari has a knocking sound which might be due to some connecting problem,according to mechanic it will cost me around 30k. 2.all tyres had to be replaced at 25k 3.all suspension bush kit and shock absorbers need to be replaced at 25 k Iam considering it to restore my vehicle for a convincing reason as 1 . in existing condition my vehicle may sell @ say 2Lacs,buying another good model small car may cost me up to 3-4 lacs,what I am thinking is rather than funding additional 1-2 lacks on for a small vehicle It is convincing to restore my existing safari for the same additional amount of 1-1.5 lacs might be a good deal here are my questions for experts 1. IS IT A GOOD IDEA IN INVESTING TO RESTORE MY EXISTING VEHICLE 2.HOW LONG CAN THE RESTORATION CAN HOLD 3.OR IS IT WORTH SELLING THIS ONE AND GO FOR ANOTHER VEHICLE
By LAKSHMIPATHI KS 10 October 2016
Expert`s comment:

Hi Lakshmipathi. Moving from a hard core SUV to a small car will be troublesome. But then you will have a maintenance free new small car to deal with. While with this, you can expect mechanical repairs once a while. Here you need to stick to your Safari only for emotional reasons, while practicality says that you should go for new. You can even consider increasing you budget and opting for lesser driven SUVs instead.

Answer by Nikhil Puthran 10 October 2016
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