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I have bought a Indica DLS in march 2009 and the milage which i am getting from it is ranging between 14 to 18 kmpl only with and without A/C, what can be the reason for such a milage, i was told that Indica DLS gives an milage of 18 to 22 kmpl, I have done approx.4000 km with this car and first service is done, will the milage increase after 5000km service or the car will continue with this average, what can be done to increse it to 20kmpl
By Shekhar Thakur 04 April 2009

hi shekar,
you will get 22kmpl in indica dls but you have to wait till vehicle runs atleast 2000kms your vehicle is still new, and you can get 22kmpl only without ac with ac your avg will be 18 to 20 kmpl also try to drive vehicle in speed range b/w 60 to 80 you can get more mileage

Answer by Hitesh 04 April 2009
Expert`s comment:

As you are aready getting 18KMPL. Please try with other technics of better handling of car like switching of the engine if idling is more than 30 seconds. Run in constant speed, Optimum tyre pressure etc.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2009

Dear Shiva/and Sasi,

Thank you for the valuable inputs, the milage according to me was 18 only without A/C or with a/c on straight expressway only, Sorry to say but I do a lot of idling as I use the a/c from starting of my car till it is parked back in the parking lot. Please let me know if ideling causes more fuel consumption and how much ?

Answer by Shekhar 04 April 2009

As suggested by Mr Shiva Shankar, mileage depends a lot on driving style. Here are a few reckoners to get better mileage:
1. Change gears (upshift and downshift) under normal circumstances between 2000rpm and 3000rpm. Try to keep in the engine in the 2000rpm to 3000rpm range normally.
2. Don't unnecessarily rev the engine beyond 3000rpm if its is not required. Conversely, don't lug the car below 1500rpm. Of course, when you are cruising the highway in 5th, you can go beyond the 3000rpm. Otherwise you will be crawling!!
3. Try not to slip the clutch. The more you slip the clutch, lesser the mileage (and clutch wear and tear).
4. Stopping the engine at idling is good, only if you have a traffic light time of more than 20-30secs. If it is lesser than that, the saving in fuel by stopping the engine will be neutralised by the fuel needed to start up the car. So, if the time is more than 20-30 secs, stop the engine.
5. Make sure that tyre pressure is either at recommended pressure. Slightly overinflated tyre is ok, but underinflation will lead to loss of mileage.

Cheers! and enjoy your new Indica!!
Sasi Menon

Answer by Sasi Menon 04 April 2009

To add to the above answers... I am using Indica for last 1.5 yrs. It is best to drive the car at 2100 to 2300 rpm with appropriate speed and gear . Pls do not exceed the speed of 90. It will give the mileage of 20-21 after 7,000-8,000 km. as per my experience <<< VERY IMP >>> : Service your car at authorized service station only and not at any local garage. Doesn't matter if it costs a few bucks more. That does matter.

Answer by Sandeep 04 April 2009
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