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I want to know about oiled cooled engine & air cooled engine, air cooled engine can be considered as the engine gets cooled through air, what about oil cooled, Yamaha R15 is oil cooled or air cooled it is just 150 cc, 17 bhp bike y it is costing Rs 108000 in pune, the new thig it had is 6 spped gears, one more thing i want to ask that iam having Rx135 5 speed, its superb bike giving mileage of 42 km/ltr after how much km the spark plug is to be changed, i always use castrol 2t its having catholic silencer, does it need to clean as it is done for rx 100,
By Manish 04 April 2009

An air cooled engine has fins to increase the exposed area for better cooling, wheras an oil cooled engine (actually to be called as fluid cooled engine) has an hollow cavity / packet where coolant is circulated & its passed through a heat radiator.

Such engines run coller & efficiently without getting overheated or burning the clutch plates.. Its an advanced engine like a sports bike.

Yamaha R15 HAS fuel injection (like MPFI cars) which will result in better burning & utilization of fuel, also better performance,, the bike also has rear disc brake, best suspension, sporty styling etc etc etc.... thus making a reasonably priced performance bike... it gives mileage ranging 35 - 45 kmpl. (depending on ones riding style).

I have less knowledge on RX135 & RX100, so i prefer not to say anything.

Answer by Bipin 04 April 2009

No km measurement to change spark plug . it is little cost so u may change or put a extra plug with spaner. ask plug 135 model..all two stroke bike needed to clean sileceralso cat, silencer.waste oil comes by sil, and jam the holes sp pick up go to down . beet also cloe. so cleaning and burn is must .

Answer by Gautam Jain Chennai 04 April 2009
Expert`s comment:

In air cooled Engines cooling takes place as air passes through fins over the engine.The efficency of air cooling is comparitively less for its design, non uniform distribution of air over etc.Its suitable for smal power 2 wheelers.As power of engine increases the heat transmitte to the engine and its parts increases hence for faster and uniform cooling oil circulation cooling will be usefull (as in cars).There is no specific mileage at which sparkplug needs to be replaced. As a general rule a spark plug can lost up to 25k KM.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2009
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