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How do we physicaly differenciate between a High Torque RD 350 and a low Torque Rd 350.?
By Amitabh Mukherjee 04 April 2009

Hi Everybody;

The high torque barrels have a taller exhaust port in comparison to the low torque later model Indian made Rajdoot RD Yamaha's. The High torque heads have a slightly smaller volume than the low torque ones. The ignition timing also differs a bit. The low torque barrels were specially designed by Indian engineers to better the fuel consumption and bring down emissions of CO & HC. The Indian high torque RD was one of the most polluting bikes in the world ! That was the reason Yamaha discontinued the RD and brought in the RD LC world over ! Today they are collectors pride !

Lots can be done to improve them ! Happy riding !

sing !!!

Answer by Somender Singh 04 April 2009

The physical differenciation from HT to LT is, Side cover of the engine. If it reads MADE IN JAPAN than its HT, if reads MADE IN INDIA is LT. That what I read in a forum.

Answer by CycloneFish 05 May 2018
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