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I want to buy a used car in 1.5lac so i want to go for maruti esteem, how far it is good, or can i go for nano. iam btech 2nd year and 6 feet tall. is there any problem with esteem . which is better petrol or diesel. i am confused.
By Vamsii 04 April 2009
Expert`s comment:

For the budget range and requirments Esteem is a great option .You can also go for Nano but considering the limited availability waiting period will be more.Petrol car is good and readily available in the budget range mentioned.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2009

The Esteem is a very good car and is very reliable. Also, the spares and repair are very easy. In your budget, you will get a fairly good piece. If you like to drive, forget the Nano! It will not come anywhere close to the 'real' driving experience of a car like the Esteem. Nano is for those people who don't even know what a car is all about!!
Sasi Menon

Answer by Sasi Menon 04 April 2009

i think it is rather stupid of mr. sasi menon to say that nano is for ppl who don't even know what a car is all about..newaz an esteem is a good option for u but u'll get a very old car where reliability might be a concern.why don't u consider a smaller car like a palio or a santro where u'll get a newer car and will have a proper experience.i own a 2004 model palio and have done 145000 kms so my suggestion is give the palio a regards mileage expect 13 kmpl in city with ac and 17 kmpl on the highway with ac...happy driving

Answer by Rohit 04 April 2009

in your budget i have esteem, santro, wagon-r, zen, m-800, but diffrent manufacturing year..if intersted thn call me at 9910405251

Answer by Dipanshu 04 April 2009

The Nano is a basic car, designed to take 4 people within the city at manageable speeds. When I say that it is for people who don't know what a car is all about, I mean those people who have never looked at a car other than as a status upgrade from a two wheeler or who have never really experienced the rush and exhilarating feel of driving. For all others, the Nano is just a dabba with 4 wheels and a measly 600cc engine, much like how the mopeds revolutionized personal transport and made people upgrade from bicycles three decades ago.
As Mr Rohit says, the Palio is also a good option. the Santro, though popular and trouble free, is not such an exciting car to drive.
Sasi Menon

Answer by Sasi Menon 04 April 2009

I did not mean to offend you sasi and am sorry if i unintentionaly ofended anyone,my point was that the nano is a revolutionary car and deserves to be lauded by even people like us who own bigger cars...and regarding the engine of a nano it may look measly on paper but u must realise that the nano is a light car lighter than even an 800 and the nano boasts of 35 bhp as compared to an 800's 37 so it is adequately powered and at the end of the day a new car is a new car...

Answer by Rohit 04 April 2009

There is no comparision between a Nano and Maruti Esteem, No doubt esteem is a good car.This is the best car in middle segment and sedan models.I have a cng fitted esteem vxi and its running cost is just rs.1/km. So don't think and go for a esteem it also suits your height.

Answer by D N SINGH NARWAL 04 April 2009

Dear Vamsi,

You know very well the Maruthi has stopped production of Esteem. But regarding your height I do not know how far a Nano will fullfill your requirement(Height). As I am also 5'9" and also so far I have not faced any major issues with my Esteem for the past 2.5 years. So my opinion is to go ahead with Esteem. Go far Petrol version.

Thanks and regards,

Answer by Raja 04 April 2009

Vamsii, I recomend that based on your budget and requirement you should go for following used car but you will have to spend little more 2.5 Lacs (Accent)Esteem's + points ( good leg space, suspension, comfort) - points (low milage high maintainance as you are buying a used car which will be at least 10 years old in 1.5 lacs) friend wise decision is to increase your budget for a used car and buy it from a certified dealer and the car should be not older than 5 years or go for a new car whcih suits your requirements and enjoy hassel free performance of your car Thanks

Answer by Avinash 04 April 2009
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