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Dear sir,we are joint family.We would like to buy 7/8 seater with good space and cost effective,performance,mileage.kindly Can you suggest us ?
By Jayakumar 04 April 2009

nothing better than Innova my friend.....its the ultimate car for families and a boon in disguise for joint families like urs........
in this 7/8 ppl if u have children as well then u can easily fit in 10/11 ppl confortably......
no questions for mileage and maintanence and ride quality....its the best of the lot....just go for it with ur eyes closed

Answer by Prateek 04 April 2009

Go for the Innova for the comfort and quality. 5 years and u will still be using the same car without major issues. Alternatively you can consider the Mahindra Xylo for its space and comfort betr than the Innova. Mileage and power is also betr in the Xylo than the Innova. Overall the mahindra will be a betr buy considering the price.

Answer by Sanket Pingale 04 April 2009
Expert`s comment:

In the present available SUV we recommend you to check for Mahindra Xylo as it is both cost effective and a comfortable SUV for 7 people.If going for used SUV then Safari will be a good choice.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2009

Dear friend
In the present available SUV we recommend you to check for mahindra Xilo as it is both cost effective and a comfortable SUV for 7 people.If going for used SUV then Safari will be a good choice.but there is innova is also a opetion.


Answer by RPSINGH 04 April 2009

What is your budget...

Following are the options:-
1) Sumo Grande (Dont listen to people, just go and drive that vechile)
2) Innova :- good car but outdated
3) Safari :- BEST CAR, No other words
4) Xilo :- Very nice car..Check this out first...

Answer by Kaustubh 04 April 2009

U can go for innova undoubtedly. B'coz im using it now for my family of 7 people.Mileage , cost , maintenance , in whatever aspect no car can beatout this.

Answer by Pavanivijay Alla 04 April 2009

Quick reckoner:
Mahindra Xylo - New kid on the block, excellent features, value for money, powerful, atrocious styling.
Toyota Innova - Dated styling, comfortable, reliable, no brainer.
Tata Safari - Still good looking though dated, comfortable, reliability not as good as the others, powerful but less lasting engine.
Tata Sumo Grande - Fairly good looking, comfortable and well equipped (high end model), old chassis not giving much driving pleasure.

Don't go for used Safari. In fact, don't got for any used TATA product. They are good enough only to be trashed.

Sasi Menon

Answer by Sasi Menon 04 April 2009

In my family we have an Innova,Safari and a Scorpio.
These are my feelings;
1)Innova:The Best
2)Safari:Looks good but after using it for one year it now behaves like a boat and the sound reminds you that its a TATA.
3)Scorpio:Have driven very little.The little i know its driveable but if i was you i wont go for it.

I will vote for the Innova...its trouble free(Long Drive we take Innova only after traveling in all three);City i prefer Scorpio.Safari forget it

Answer by Jijuanair 04 April 2009

if you want a used suv in very good condition like qualis, innova, crv, safari, tavera, scorpio then do call me at 9910405251...will give best option to you..

Answer by Dipanshu 04 April 2009

toyota innova is the best car bcoz i have it and it's really smooth to drive less maintenence cost and have good mileage and also luxuries cost will come upto 10 to 13 lakh i would sugesst you to buy it

Answer by Goutham 05 May 2009
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