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I am planning to buy Chevrolet Spark. Since General motors , USA is going to be Bankrupt, will it affect my Spark in India, Can I get furthur service, spares for Spark?? What is the future of GM India? Can I get good Resale value on my Spark? Please advice soon. Thanks.
By Shashikant Patil 04 April 2009

There is no problem in buying but the problem will b with the after sales service

Answer by Bishnu 04 April 2009

Mr. Bishnu, can you clarify your point please? Actually, it is a general trend that, if someone is not keen on a brand, he/she put a stamp of his/her own perseption on it without logically clarifying it.

I have read in Times Of India that, as per GM, their Indian counterpart will not be affected even if GM USA file a bankruptcy. Moreover, they have invested heavily in India and by closing shops here, they will invite more trouble. Moreover, last week's TV auto show in CNBC answered this question by saying that, Indian GM will have no problem.

I personally have to ask - if GM is closed and its Indian market is disrupted, will it affect the product line of Spark only which is within Rs. 4 lakh even for the top most version? What about those who have recently invested in a car of about Rs. 10 lakhs ?

Answer by OldWine 04 April 2009
Expert`s comment:

According to the sources GM India has good backup and is well settled. Hence there wont be much problem in getting after sale service. It is quite acceptable to think that the operations in India can be affected if GM files bankruptcy in US, it does reduce confidence of the customers. But in this case, GM is well settled in India and hence no need to worry about after sale service.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2009
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