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Navneet Motors Thana displays Alto - 33 km/ltr & AStar - 39 km/ltr.... What is the truth ?????
By Sadanand 04 April 2009

it must be in standard conditions

Answer by DEEPAK PUNE 04 April 2009

dont become a fool as these are under test conditions milage for both cars i,e single person of 45 kg of weight will drive, tyre pressure should be accurate, the day on which the test is done should not be windy, the car should be driven on exact 45 km/hr.on a straight highway, with no extra seats exept the drivers, no stupny and tool kit to lower the cars weight, no window should be opened and the air-conditioner should be off bla bla bla etc. the actual milage in city condition of both the cars are around 17-18 per litre and that too dependa on ur driving conditions...take care bye

Answer by Amit 04 April 2009
Expert`s comment:

No please dont get taken for ride believing 33km/ltr. because it can only happen in best of the best conditions that too with constant speed .Even Maruti has stated mileage of around 18KMPL max for Alto and A-star hence please consider mileage as max of 18KMPL for any practical decision purpose.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2009
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