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Hi this is suresh from hyd i have seen yesterday Nano car but total Model & style is ok but i have some doubts about it i hope u will clarify.... 1. TATA Nano is having Rear Engine so that we get any journey problems 2.Nano cc is 624 but maruthi is 800cc in maruthi we were journeyed 1500 kms in one trip (up/Down)we did not get any car problem, if we plan to trip same like we will get any problem with TATA nano 3.Some body has told to me it is use for in city only is it write comment 4.if i want put lpg kit it fitted with Nano 5.It will ride on Tirpati & srisailam hills because its having 624cc so that i am asking 6.Front & rear tires having some variant so how many stepins Tata Nano will provide if in middle our front tire puncher that company steppin has suttable for Front & Rear car tires. 7.which model is the better in TATA nano cars it means CX or LX (my budget is)1,50,000/- and also need with A/c & Power steering so pl should be suggest which is the better Please clarify my doubts as early as possible i am waiting to book nano car
By Suresh 04 April 2009

Hi Suresh,

1- All auto rickshaws has rear engines too but its depends upon the how u use the veichle.
2-Yes access running could be an issue with NANO being a small engine. But we do travel in long distance with Bikes with engine capacity of 100 / 150 CC
3-Yes its whole and sole a city car.
4-Why do you want to overlaod a small compact car.But its doubtful to fit a Kit in NANO.
5-As i told u before we do run a long distance on our bike with 100 / 150 CC engine so NANO is still an 624CC Car.
6-It has one spare tyre provided. U may require and additional one. And BTW both front and rear tyres used in NANO are of similar dimension.
7-LX being the top model with Power Steering and AC. This would be a best choice. U may need to slightly increase your budget for this.

Answer by Anand 04 April 2009
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