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Dear Sir, Foreign companies are offering internships to our IIT Students and employing them for their betterment. Renown companies like you as well as our other leading companies should avail this opportunity and get benefit of our national talent and stop brain drain. Kamble Kailas

By KAILAS KAMBLE on Mar 13, 2016


  • All leading national companies in different sectors should utilize our national talent and make the quality tools, machinery and technologies to lead our nation in the world. IIT, NIT and Other institutes bring out several talented youths which are being employed in many multinational companies, producing new technologies and those are sold in our country. Please we are the big market today for European, American, Chines, Japanees, Korean companies. When we will be the producers like them?.
    Answer by KAILAS KAMBLE on Mar 13, 2016

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