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Hi all, I am looking for a 7/8 seater car. May I know which is best along its class, Innova, Tavera, Scorpio, Xylo, Versa, Sumo grande. I give preference to BUDGET, comfort, mileage and ride pleasure. Please guide me to choose the best car (for its money).
By Vetrivelmurugan 04 April 2009

Toyota Innova 2.0 VX - 8 Seater
1998 cc, Petrol, Manual transmission, 8 seater
Rs. 10,33,074
It is the best for u.
Or any other innova.

Answer by Het 04 April 2009

Do not go for Versa !! Its a Shit.. Go for Innova or Scorpio....

Answer by Shyam 04 April 2009

Innova is the best

Answer by Bhupendran 04 April 2009

No doubt,u will hav to go in for a Toyota.If u look at Middle East, may b 70 to 80percent ,buy only Toyotas.

Answer by SArumugam 04 April 2009

Xylo is the best in all the areas u said and it got extra features that other cars in its class dont got

Answer by Mack 04 April 2009

Innova would be a nice option for all your considerations

Answer by Anand 04 April 2009

Innova is the best choice

Answer by Ram 04 April 2009

I am using CHEVROLET TAVERA since 2004, 200000km run without any problem and nice mileage above 15km/ltr throughout. No doubt, innova is a better product [better drive quality]. But where budget,economic run, maintenance cost and long life engine matters, tavera scores over all with handsome margin.

Answer by SANJEEV AGGARWAL 04 April 2009

innova is the best car for you it is really luxuries and automatic does not have any engine problem good milage compare to others

Answer by Goutham 04 April 2009
Expert`s comment:

Among the options mentioned Xylo has all the features satisfying your requirments including Style, performance, PRICE.Innova doubt a good SUV but compared to Xylo it looks overpriced .Scorpio is overshadowed by Xylo . Sumo Grande though improved version of Sumo Victa, does not have the charm created by a XYLO.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2009

You will buy best Toyota Innova.

Answer by Amit 04 April 2009

Hey dude Jzt go 4 toyota Innova...Its best car in its segment..Gr8 comfort,Gr8 mileage nd over all gr8 driving pleasure...M sure u ll luv d car...Its completely value 4 ur money.

Answer by Gaurav 04 April 2009

Go for Innova,i would say spend one time but spent for good.i found Innova in many country,you know becoz of performance so go for Innova any Model.

Answer by Asim 04 April 2009

U mentioned a car in budget with good performance and mileage.. Then go for XYLO, its the best in this class with a price of a sedan. Just visit the showroom and sit inside this vehicle, i guarantee that will love it.

Answer by Mandeep 04 April 2009

Xylo is really value for money.I am a Toyota Innova user for the past 2 years yet I found Xylo very impressive for its price.Only problem is the high ground clearance which makes it difficult for elderly people or people with knee problems to move in or out.

Answer by Rita 04 April 2009

The innova is the best - the diesel is a dream with plenty of torque at the bottom end. the car has been made for poor roads - it is comfortable and sits quite high on its chassis to avoid bottoming over deep pot holes.

Easy for servicing.

Answer by W HOWARTH 04 April 2009

tata safari 1999 2 lakhs in mumbai

Answer by Adnan 04 April 2009

according to me both xylo and innova are good in thier own ways as xylo is a mahindra product every1 knowz dat mahindra is very reliable and spare parts are cheap,but innova is a tough 1 as it is low maintanance good company

Answer by Hunk 04 April 2009

Thank you all for the valuable suggestions. Now, I have to make my choice between Innova and Xylo.

Answer by Vetrivelmurugan 04 April 2009

Hi. Tavera is better. Its cheap and less maintenance cost and good milege and comfortable and spacious like qualis.

Answer by Srisharan 04 April 2009

hi v.murgan, in the present scenerio technically all brand names are more or less equalent, so it only depends on the looks now, which is offcourse a very very subjective matter.
that you have to decide . contact me for any assistance in purchase of the vehicle. go for xylo now.


Answer by Mayank Chaturvedi 04 April 2009
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