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Hi, my self Vishal & i live in australia & i want to buy a car for my family who lives in india (punjab) & my budget is 3 to 4 lacs so wat car will be parfect for them (which gives better millage & less maintainance)is their any finance schemes available for the me.
By Vishal Arora 03 March 2009

Hi Vishal,
When do you intend buying the vehicle? Considering your price bracket in todays market, you could opt for the hyundai santro or the Zen Estilo(if u like the looks). If you are ready to wait a bit maybe you can consider upcoming models like the Ritz from Maruti.

Answer by Vishwanathan 03 March 2009

Maruti Suzuki A-Star Zxi
998 cc, Petrol, Manual transmission, 5 seater
Rs. 4,24,213.
It is the best choice for u .and It is also good in mileage, safety,low maintenance,good looking,and spacious.

Answer by Het 03 March 2009

In my experience, better to buy Maruti
WagonR-Lxi or Hyundai Santro Xing-GLS
for space, less maintenance and comfort
for a middle class family.

Answer by Anns 03 March 2009

i think A-star will be the best choice for you, its new, fresh,good looks, great engine by maruti and above all it beats all other car of this segment in mileage front.
its the car for you or u can consider wagonr or zen estilo.

Answer by Dheeraj 03 March 2009

Wagon R or Santro. Wagon R from Maruti would definitely score in terms of customer service but Hyundai is no less. Try both vehicles and decide accordingly.

Answer by Jayant Bhat 03 March 2009

I am also planning to buy a vehicle in the same range. In this category I have Zen Estilo, Wagon R, Santro xing, A-star, Indica Vista.
I would prefer Santro or Indica vista. I am 5' 9" tall. So A-star doesnot give me driving comfort. It is a car for person less than 5' 7" (But still a person to go for its his choice).
Santro is better than Wagon R or Zen (In terms of drving comfort, space, stability, and mileage). Indica vista gives you more features, in same price range, It is really a nice car. with more power 1.2 liter Fiat engine. most spacious( No car can beat in space in this price range), great driving comfort. In Pune Indica Vista Sufire is cost around 4.11 lacks for fully loaded version. Which includes music system, rear wiper, hight adjustment of driver seat, all windows power window. bigest boot space, and leg space. You can ask ur parents to have look to this car.

My second choice is Santro. It is also cost around 4.03 in pune with music system. But i m
1. not getting rear wiper
2. getting only front two power windows
3. not getting hight adjustment of driver seat
4. space is good but can not compare with Vista.
5. and Engine is 1086 cc where as vista is having 1200 cc engine.

But still Indica vista is from Tata Motors, and it depends on person to person to go with Tata or not.
If you do not want to buy a Tata product I will suggest Santro instead of any other Car.

Answer by Ankit 03 March 2009

Hi, Vishal. You can purchase Maruti LXI Zen Estillo. Recently i have purchased the same. Good comfortable car.Great amount of discount is also given by dealers. LXI model you can get at 3.5lac on road.

Answer by Rutvik 03 March 2009

hai vishal iam mohan from andhra pradesh your family car depends on usage only if it is daily usingmore kilometeres you better go to diesel car(tata indigo swift desire this type of cars travel to 5 memmbers with luggage)otherwise you purchase petrol car maruthi models

Answer by Mohan Kambala 03 March 2009
Expert`s comment:

The good selection will be beween A star LXI and Santro GLS. as both fits well within budget and offer comfortable features including space. However if you go for used cars, there will be lot of options including Indigo, Esteem, Accent etc. Indigo will be better suited for its more space and advantage of sedan car.You can use finance link in home page for finance.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 04 April 2009

dont be confused maruti wagon R is the perfect car dont go for any other it is perfect lo mant. easy drive

Answer by Varma 04 April 2009

Hey would like to thnx to all of u as it make sense to share ur ideas and experience so, tht the other person is not fooled by any gimmicks... Ankit your detailed explanation rocks.. Keep helpin...

Answer by Nitinkumar Nahata 04 April 2009

Hey buddy, If u r going to replace ur new car in 2-3 years go for anything u want, other wise I think go with the best suitable to u.

Answer by Ankit 04 April 2009

Now that we all are well aware of the vehicles in this price bracket, I would like to share some more insights before you go ahead with actually buying your ride.

1) Maruti Suzuki A-Star (fresh looks,good average. But boot space is very less and so is the rear cramped seating)

2)Zen Estilo(good interior space & peppy ride quality. But lacks good looks and interior's made up with cheap quality used for interiors)

3)Wagon R (good headroom and generous space given on the inside,average is also great. But again not many people go for the boxy looks and instability at very high speeds).

4)Santro Xing (good average and user friendly like the wogon R in this segment. But like the wagon R urgently needs a face lift and backseat ride is a bit bumpy)

5)Indica- Solid build quality in its caterogy. Very roomy on the inside.But average a bit on the lower side as compared to all the vehicles it is compared to in its category.

Note: Maruti's reach with is service centers is great. Fuel efficiency is good and spare parts costing and availability is great.

Hyundai has also provided good customer service and especially santro has proven to be a very user friendly vehicle amongst women drivers too.

Tata - maintenance nominally a bit higher as compared to vehicles in the hyundai and maruti's. But its build quality can only be a match for the fiat palio in this category.



Answer by VISHWANATHAN 04 April 2009

I am owning Indica Vista. and getting average of 14 per liter before first service. I think with 1286cc engine it is good. One of myfriend is having indica vista from last 4 months and he is also getting the same.

Build quality is no doubt excellent and its heaviest car in this segment. so there is no vibration at the speed of 130. I was driving my car at 130 on highway. and overtaking buses and trucks, but my car didnt give me negative feeling. So driving I m happy.

I do not know about maintainance. there are so many thought about Indica that this car is having maintainance cost higher than others, But still In my society 5-6 indica are being used, and they simply denied it.

The main problem with Tata vehicles is the taxi image, and so many people personal cars with taxi. Which should not be a criteria to compare a vehicle. But again it is person to person thinking.


Answer by Ankit 04 April 2009
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