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what is the life of diesel engine specifically SWIFT VDi in kilometres presuming that proper care has been taken with regard to timely service & change of oils etc.
By Kd Singh 03 March 2009

Not as much as we humans :) but u can expect 2Lakh+ kms if maintained properly

Answer by Aks 03 March 2009

approx. 1,50,000 kms. in one go if u take care properly for timely servicing, change of oil, single handling etc. etc. and thereafter depends... may be u need to do the complete engine overhauling.

Answer by Suresh 03 March 2009

oa yaar, maze lo VDI ke, kyo chinta karte ho engine ki. uski seva karo it will never let you down.

kd singh

Answer by Kanwal 04 April 2009

best car in its segment with lowest maintenance cost. Buy it , forget about worries & go on driving...

Answer by Sanjeev Garg 05 May 2013

The Swift has the Fiat multijet-jet engine under its hood. These engine are one of the best in the world and are being used in India by 9 manufacturers. If maintained properly you need not overhaul for even 2.5 lacs kms. On an average change your engine oil a couple of thousand Kms than recommended.

Answer by Sheel 05 May 2013

I saw a swift dzire 2010 model driven 48000 kms. How much should i pay

Answer by Manat 05 May 2016

I saw a Swift dzire 2008. How much should I pay

Answer by Chetan 08 August 2016

uSE moTUL SYNTHETIC OIL and forget about engine overhauling till 5 lacs kms. I have punto crossed 1 lac kms and still engine is like new EVEN THOUGH COUNTLESS TIMES I HAVE DRIIVER HER AT SPEEDS OF 165 KMPH. NORMAL DRIVING SPEED IS 120-140 KMPH ON DAILY BASIS

Answer by Stavan 09 September 2016

I have done over 200000 kms and performance is very good till date including that I am a agressive driver and rarely let anyone overtake.

Answer by Torque 07 July 2017

My swift vdi is already 224000 kms but no isues with engine

Answer by Anand 09 September 2017

What can be cost of Engine Repair of Swift Dzire ZDI .

Answer by Kumar Dev 10 October 2017

I own maruti swift diesel
Clocked 170,000 kms..
Fantastic and hassle free engine..

Answer by Vibhor Misra 11 November 2018

i have done 270000 kms on my swift vdi abs 2014 model no issues till date only timely service and parts change as recommended by Maruti

Answer by Gurdyal Singh 01 January 2021

I have donev3,40,000 excellent condition ...still going like a new one ..excellent pick up and performance

Answer by Sreenivasa Reddy 04 April 2022

my maruthi 2009 swift vdi have done 260000 still now no issues its speed 150 i will drive in banglore highway no shaking body its went smooth compare to new swift above 2019

Answer by JayaKrishna 06 June 2022

I have done 182000 kms, 2019 model Swift Vdi.
Still going like new engine,
Strong and Long Last Engine..

Answer by Johny Seth 09 September 2022

My swift vdi drives 220000kms still dont have issues woth engine its speed reach 160 to 150 at highways , service done every 7,000 kms will fully synthetic oil

Answer by Jayakrishna 09 September 2022

i have driven my swift vdi 355000 no problem till but proper care and maintenance has been done whenever required

Answer by Gurdyal Singh 10 October 2022

My swift VDI 2015 single hand driven 1,83,000 kms still its the same as new

Answer by Jaspreet 11 November 2022

i have drive my own swift Dzire 2016 VDI - 190,000 KMs - regular service at Maruti only - Not issue at all... The engine performance is fabulous and mileage 23.9KM / litre. Proud to be Maruti

Answer by Yogesh P 01 January 2023
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