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At what price i can buy a TATA Indica DLX 2005 model car in good condition?
By Santhoshkumar 03 March 2009

i do know wether it p/d,if its diesel u can buy max 2lac to 2.30 in chennai

Answer by Gopal 03 March 2009

u can buy max 1.70 to 2lac in chennai

Answer by Gopal 03 March 2009

it shouldnt b more that 1.5 in any condishon then evn if a good 1 coz i think u shouldnt bother about what condishon more than what u get if u sel it back the next day so better go 4 a second hand but drive n c n ul find the diffrence chill

Answer by Raj 04 April 2009

Please stop going to TATA products.They are not woth for money.Better go for Toyota,maruthi,hundai.

Answer by Albert 04 April 2009
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