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plz Reply Urgent! I have Maruti 800, when car speed lower than 20.KMPH AND 70 & above KMPH car will vibrated , why it is happens? and what is Solution and coast. Maruti dearer said car bushing and cross chamber damaged and coast will be 10,000. plz guide me. Thanks!
By Aditya 03 March 2009

It could be possible what the dealer says is right. Try getting a wheel balancing and wheel alignment done which will not cost you more than 300-350. Try if this solves your problem, else you will have to get the cross chambers and bushings changed.

Answer by Shikhar 03 March 2009

Thanks! but what is coast of cross member and bushing charges??? if it is 10,000 it is very high, please guide properly for lower cost!

Answer by Aditya 03 March 2009
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