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My new Polo TSI automatic has some problem where it suddenly jerks violently. It's a new car under warranty. 5 times VW has taken the car for fixing it with no success ! What to do

By Chetan on Nov 13, 2015


  • Remove fuel from tank. Check for contaminated fuel. Check for spark ply plug failure.
    Only two options above to suggest. Also ask dealership to check for malfunctioning micro processor.
    Answer by Rohan on Nov 14, 2015

  • Expert Hi Chetan. What was the feedback given by service centre? the problem can be simple as air locks or some major technical snag. Get it thoroughly checked as this is indeed risky.
    Answer by Nikhil Puthran on Nov 14, 2015

  • The problem sounds like something to do with Spark plugs , get them changed under warranty.
    If the car is under warranty and the dealership is not able to fix the issue, leave the car in dealership get the job card, click photos of the JOB card and the Vehicle while in the workshop and post it on social media and send the email to Leadership of Volkswagen India.
    This has worked for many customer not only in the case of Volkswagen but across brands.
    Answer by Garry on Nov 14, 2015

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