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My Maruthi zen car switch off when traveling in hot day in slow speed in traffic. Again starts running after 10 mins. There is no problem going in high ways at hot daay

By Gangatharan on Oct 30, 2015


  • You drove your car in traffic at a slow speed in a low gear (1st or 2nd) for a long time. In low speed the engine has to accelerate from low speed more often & has to produces more power and gets heated-up faster. This led your car engine to get extremely heated up. Nothing to worry if your car has sufficient Coolant of specified quality.
    Answer by Dinesh on Oct 31, 2015

  • Please check if the temperature is getting high and then the engine is stopping. After 10 minutes if the engine is able to crank, read the temperature at this instance. This could help to conclude on this problem
    Answer by Nagesh on Nov 1, 2015

    Answer by GANGADHARAN on Nov 2, 2015

  • Check the radiator coolant

    Answer by Prabu on Nov 2, 2015

  • Expert Hi Gangatharan. Your engine probably overheats, get it inspected at an authorized centre.
    Answer by Nikhil Puthran on Nov 2, 2015

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