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I own an Opel Corsa Royale 1.6L. The temperature keeps touching 100 or sometimes even crosses the 100 mark very often on busy city roads. Is this normal with all Opel cars or is there anything I can do about it?
By Nigel Lazar 03 March 2009
Expert`s comment:

There seems to be overheating problem in your car. Please get cooling system checked ie radiator,water circulation, scaling etc.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2009


I dont think this is a big problem. It used to happen in my corsa as well, but there was nothin to worry. You better get checked it our once to clear your doubts. That would be great to fix your issue. May be there is some technical problem or something. Thats it!

Answer by Dhiraj Sharma 03 March 2009

The temperature itself is not so much of an issue as your heat exchange process. Your radiator seems to be losing heat quite well since you haven't mentioned the problem when you are moving nicely on free roads. I suspect the thermostat switch that kicks the fan on is not working properly, if not the fan itself. If the thermostat switch is working fine, it will switch the fan on at a certain temperature, and blow the heat away by force, keeping the temperature of the coolant down. That is happening by natural air flow when you are moving, but obviously not in slow traffic. Not a major problem. Get your fluid level checked, and change it if it is old, but I can almost guarantee it is your thermostat/fan. Happy driving.

Answer by B S Kumar 03 March 2009

The potential problem could be your thermostat's mal functioning either replace it or completely remove it.. it is a very common problem with opel, i got it removed last month , the only problem is that energy will be wasted if you remove it, also get your coolant horse checked it is a complicated one with a junction, leakage is very prominent, you can replace that for 1600 rs a new horse without the Jucntion or split..

Answer by Mathew 03 March 2009

Nothing to worry, same problem i have faced. First thing you remove the radiator and do water wash after fixing it fill the radiator with mineral water. Second thing dont drive the car without A/C in traffic because A/C fan can cool your engine further. Do check any leakage in coolant tube which is leading to engine there is one black connector which can get damage check that one ( i dont know the name exactly). After checking these factor your temperature will not raise more than 95 degree.

Answer by Mohanasundaram 03 March 2009

I faced the same issue with my opel corsa 1.6 gls infact we could feel the heat inside aswell at times, i guess there is nothing worry about however its advisable to get your checked. I hope you dont end up paying the entire value of your car :)

Answer by Jaygee 03 March 2009

It is a common problem with Opel Corsa, in busy road especially during summer the temperature reaches almost 100, nothing to worry much get your coolant and thermostat checked from any authorized service centre.

Answer by Rajib 03 March 2009

Do not be careless when such things happen in the car.Either there will be leakage of coolant or some pipe would have been got choked.Visit some good mechanic and stop driving when temp exceeds 100 deg.

Answer by Himanshu 03 March 2009

Hi Guys! Thank you all so much for your very valuable inputs. The temperature actually goes up to 100 as soon as I start off and then immediately comes down to 95. Then if I am going slow it goes back to the 100 mark and stays there until I pick up some speed. I will check the flow system as suggested and clean the radiator. Am sure there are no leaks. Apart from this is this car worth keeping?

Answer by Nigel Lazar 03 March 2009


Yes I am also having same problem in my coarsa. it also reached 100 around even after 10 min drive. I checked with dealer and he said its very common with coarsa. also pls get ur car's silencer checked if it is chocked as some times it also increase this problem. this is very annoying special in summer and reduce AC effectiveness.

I couln't get any solution for this problem :(


Answer by Rohit 03 March 2009

i would appriciate if somebody point me out the location of this thermostate switch in corsa royale. i m facing the same problem

Answer by Sejal Patel 07 July 2010

Hi...My problem is different. The temp needle in my corsa is standing still at 25 degress, the mark soon after the min. Can someone suggest what could be the probable prob and potential implications if I continue to drive so.

Awaiting for your valubale advices.

Answer by Sajeev 01 January 2011

I own 1.6 GLS limited edition and the temperature gauge acts like what everybody has mentioned. It is absolutely nothing to worry about. I initially got concerned and got it checked with a reliable mechanic as well as at Chevrolet dealer. They all say that it is quite common in Corsa so don't worry and keep driving. Cheers!

Answer by West 01 January 2012

Hi, I own Opel Corsa Royale 1.6 special edition. I am the 2nd owner of this car. Frankly speaking this car is good. Very tough body, highly powerful engine. Ya average is less in city comes around 8-10 on highways comes 12-13 with AC. Ya was getting heating problem. I just got its radiator checked and found that half of the radiator was jaam. It was cleaned by the mechanic and new coolent was added. Now the temperature do not even touch 95. Really its a good car to drive as well as safe.

Answer by Saurabh Mehta 04 April 2013

there is a wall in every Opel that wall is chocked. due to chocking o that wall it happens... just remove DAT wall.

Answer by Manish Bhardwaj 09 September 2014
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