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Hi, i have an accord 2008 model 2.4 AT and it has done 80,000 kms, power has been lost, pro suggestions for increase in the lost power of the vehicle, it doesn't feel 177 bhp

By Bk on Oct 20, 2015


  • take it for full fledged service and check all filters, spark plugs are clean. Also change oil at regular specified intervals. also maintain correct tyre size & pressure as mentioned in the owner's manual. filling her with nitrogen will be an added benefit.
    Answer by Rubin on Oct 20, 2015

  • Ideally get it checked at Honda authorised service centre. There could be a problem with the transmission as well but unless it is checked, assumptions could cost dear.
    Answer by Ashok on Oct 20, 2015

  • Expert Hi BK. It needs to be thoroughly inspected at authorized station to identify the cause.
    Answer by Nikhil Puthran on Oct 20, 2015

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