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Hello, I have a Skoda Superb 2009 Automatic, yesterday I was driving my car and when I stopped my car on Signal suddenly the car got stopped and when I tried to start it again it was not starting and in a minute I could see all the petrol fuel from my car was leaked out of the car and could be seen on the roads flowing. My tank was half and all of the fuel (petrol) was flowing down in a minute the tank showed empty. The fuel when I saw was leaking from a pipe below the car and an open pipe seen connected to something black round connection to the a part with the pipe. Following errors were shown in the car since last few weeks but my local mechanic said it is ignoreable and at the time of service it could be repaired and the same was said by the Skoda Service Center 1. EPC Light 2. Cornering Light Failure 3. Since last few weeks when the gear needs to be changed the car knocks and when I release accelerator and put the brake lightly then almost every time the car changes the gear, when I try to pull the car with sudden full acceleration then it knocks slow and ligh accelearation does knocks and run the car smoothly. Previously in sometime also there have been 4 time the same had happened suddenly the car had stopped but it start instantly. Please advice me what could be the possible issue with my car and advice me a good mechanic who could repair this as Skoda Service Center has never been a good choice for the pathetic service and wrong advice they give me always.

By Nitin on Oct 15, 2015


  • Expert Hi Nitin. The fuel pipe may have been damaged due to it scraping against a surface or object. As for those error alerts, you should have rectified it immediately as every component works in coordination with other. When one fails, it starts affecting other components and eventually results in major problems. For local reliable mechanics its good to visit forums managed by similar car owners as they can give suggestions based on their experiences via tried and tested methods.
    Answer by Nikhil Puthran on Oct 15, 2015

  • Hi Nikhil,

    Thank you for the reply at the moment the petrol leak issue is resolved but I am major issues with my car it has been 2 months almost today since my car is standing in my parking now.
    Answer by Nitin on Jan 10, 2016

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