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My car, Premier Padmini FNM Diesel 98 model is having improper camber on right front wheel. While doing the wheel alignment, the guy said the incorrect camber is non adjustable with wheel aligning apparatus, but needs to be adjusted by using shims at some other service centers. He has shown me the variation of camber angle on the alignment result printout. As a result, as of now during course of time, the right front tyre will be slightly wearing out more from the inner side. I checked this issue with a local workshop and they said this is to be addressed as a suspension issue where appropriate shims are added as required to respective places to push the upper portion of the wheel out to get correct camber. Since the alignment result printout has exact measurement of variation in camber, my question is, where should I take my car to get this issue adjusted? I guess it should be somewhere they can check the camber (like in wheel alignment checking) while correcting it with shims. So sure where should I take my car to get this done without any fuss? I'm confused. Please advice me..

By Louis on Sep 28, 2015


  • Expert Hi Louis. Local workshop cannot be relied upon for this job. It needs to be repaired by a reliable authorized centre near you. First you may check if authorized centre can do the job (Doubtful as it is an old model) else approach forums managed by similar car owners and reach out to tried and tested places.
    Answer by Nikhil Puthran on Oct 1, 2015

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