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I want to buy the Figo Aspire titanium but confused between petrol or diesel? My daily running is 15 - 20km max yearly 12000. My last vehicle ran 55000km in 5yrs petrol.

By Nidhish on Aug 24, 2015


  • best buying bulacart
    Answer by Shasank on Aug 24, 2015

  • Running more than 1000 kms per months do not deserve diesel
    simple go for the petrol version of your choice
    Answer by Raju Singh on Aug 24, 2015

  • PS, Figo Aspire Ambiente Patrol comes for 5.13 Lacs (X Showroom) wherein same in Diesel comes for 6.17 Lacs.
    If you buy Patrol Car and park the differential 1.04 Lac in a Bank at 9% Fixed Deposit, you earn some 9500/- as annual interest. That lets you buy roughly 160 Ltrs of fuel annually enabling you a run of 2500 KMs of City Drive or 2900 KMs of Highway Drive. Since, your commute is 20 KM Max, daily, if we assume that you go to office on Saturdays and Sundays also, you drive 600 KMs a month/7200 KMs a Year. Thus, your differential amount pays for 40% of your fuel.

    Further, it saves you from: -
    1. Heavy Tyre consumption due to Heavy Engine
    2. Expensive Maintenance of Diesel Engine
    3. Better Weight to Power Ratio
    4. Noise Free Cabin
    5. Less Carbon Emission

    - Somewhat Less Resale Value after 5 Years ( I don't know why people prefer a Diesel Vehicle when buying a Used One)
    Answer by Satwant on Aug 24, 2015

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