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I am in plan to buy Bajaj Avenger 200. Can you please advice me whether its worth buying i mean its maintanence cost, other cost & overall review of this bike??
By Rishit 03 March 2009

I have an 180 avenger for the last few years. The only big drawback I have is that avengers come with very poor silencer quallity. Hardly 9000 kms up and the silencer has a hole and I dont know what to do with it. You cant be changing your silencers every 10000 kms. Do You????
V Chithranath

Answer by V Chithranath 03 March 2009

I Own Avenger 200 oil cooled 2008 end model and i must say its one of the best bike i had till now may it be power or looks. i bet ull get lots of envy stares in the traffic signal. milage can be ecpected around 35-40 max. everything is amazing in except seating. i bet u cant ride tht bike more than an hour continuously. other than that its must buy vehicle. it has the best grip , so dodging between the vehicles is a fun with that bike..
Let me know if u need any more info abt the same.

Answer by Aks 03 March 2009

You'll be spending 75 grand on purchasing the bike. YOu might as well start of with a Standard Bullet which is about the same price. And probably save up a lac for Thunderbird which is currently the best cruiser in India. Bajaj is not as dependable as the Royal Enfield ans the quality is not up there as well. Specially the gear box..

Answer by Sid 03 March 2009

Hello Rishit,

I have Avenger 180.. Bike is fabulous. Its meant for Long Drive. I drive Mumbai Pune Non stop on weekends. And its fabulous. It takes me 2.5 hrs to reach my destination.
Bike is steady. U can make it from its Look. It has a weight.

Answers to UR QUERY:
1. Maintanence Cost: Its depends on how you drive ur Vehicle. If you are rough rider then U have to spend more. If you are Soomth then bajaj will take care of it. Till waranty period you dont have to worry.
2. Review: Every good things has a negative side.: Drive chain dont have cover so u have to keep oiling it every 500 KM, otherwise it makes Noise.

You cant drive double seat in trafic if you dont have judgement. It tookk 6 months for me to adjust. Its coz of its weight.

I cant speak much on negative side coz as of now i have not yet faced any issue.

Also, it depend where u stay. It hass rust problem coz more metal is used. I have lots of problem as i stay in MUMBAI.

If you are palnnig to buy a 200 then keep following points in mind:

1. Aviod accident coz, it has raditor pipes in front if broken then u have to spend more to get it done.
2. Take care of battery, as it dont have Kick Start, To make it start u have to ask someone to push it. and really its a elephant.
3. Have spare Tube of rear tyre while gng for long drive. coz its hard to get one. of possible get Tubeless trye, but dont change the rim.
4. Drive smooth as this babe give u 50 -55 on highway. I have completed 25,000 KM. among which 15000 were long drive.
Its smooth on highway.

mail me if u wanna more info.

Answer by Pritam 03 March 2009

yes u can go for it it is lower maintanence bike. only disadvantage is it is not having a kick.

Answer by Aamin 03 March 2009

Dear Rishit,
i can tell you the pros and cons of the bike the rest depends on u


Good Bike, Feel like God Attitude, ride quality Good,


Low ground clearence, part difficult to get, back tyre short supply, Built quality sucks.....

Please go for a bike u like please dont get moved by people say buy u like and trust ur heart listen to wat it says no regrets later

Answer by Priju C Thomas 03 March 2009

Answer by Raghav 04 April 2009

Hii to all my friends, let me tell you one thing here . its true we cant compare Thunder bird with Avenger , as thunder bird has more power than Avenger , but in case of value for money Avenger is best as we get it in the price 75,000/- but thunder bird , 1.3Lk.. its up to u whether to choose thunder bird or Avenger , but guys if u want to purchase any Bajaj bike then its the No-1 in comparison with all other bajaj bikes and if u want to purchase a more power bike then go for thunder bird , every vehicle need some maintainace , whether its a car or a bike , so be ready to maintain , a simple advice i can give if u r ready to enjoy the bike for a short period with a cruise style and low maintainace then go for avenger , but if u want a bike for a long time like more than 5-10 years, and if ur pocket can afford a high value bike then go for TB .....mileage is a same in both the bike the thing is that how u ride and maintain ur bike .Always try to take it as a member of ur family it ll take care of urs in the road .

Answer by Sam 12 December 2010

While cruiser bikes do have a niche market in our country, it is a very small percentage of the overall bike population. There are solid reasons for the same. The long turning circle, the armchair type riding position (with feet forward) are not to everyone's liking and certainly not useful for city traffic situations.

If you really need a comfy and glamorous ride which will give you full satisfaction and years of trouble free service, I would urge you to cast your eyes on the new Hero Honda Hunk. What a bike !

Answer by Microman 12 December 2010

I am using Bajaj Avenger from 4 years .... i tested it in many ways and got passed. Its Great Bike.... no doubt about it.... but one thing i want to warn you , the rear break of avenger bike are not good.... after some time they stop working properly.... and rear break are very important in cruiser bikes. you can control sports bike with front break but in cruiser , it will skid easily.

Answer by Indrajeet Singh 11 November 2014
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