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i own a mahindra scorpio 2.6 diesel slx 2007 model, java brown is having some issues with its engine. it makes a lot of noise while running. i can't explain the noise but the noise continues even at the speed of 100 and further.and it is giving me a mileage of 8 only that too on highways. it used to give me 11 on highways before. its also giving some other troubles, central locking of the left door is not unlocking. it unlocks for a second and then again locks itself and the door does not open, lock gets stuck. also cars sounds like a truck with that terrible noise which i can't explain to you.its suspension also makes noises when on broken roads. driver can't hear tht noise from inside but outsiders can. its front suspension. its spare wheel is not mounting below the boot anymore. now i have to keep it inside the is not used so roughly. its AC cools like a cooler in a village, not like AC.i have repaired ac thrice, two times from same mechanic and the third time the other but still, after few days of use, its back again. please suggest me what should i do and where should i go and what will be its selling price? 4-4.5 lacs?

on Jun 25, 2015


  • i would simply say, GET RID OF THAT CAR! you need to spend more than 1 lacs on this car. then it will be sold in 4.5 lacs and i think your engine needs a repair. local mechanic will solve your problem in cheap price and this car as soon as possible. buy innova or furtuner or xuv now. its tym to upgrade bouy!
    Answer by Nike on Jun 26, 2015

  • My experience is very bitter with Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. I have been sold a Scorpio vehicle which does not have a chassis number embossed. My complaint is more explained here,

    If you feel relevant kindly extend your help on this.
    Answer by Abhijeet on Jul 27, 2015

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