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I am interested in an automatic transmission car and i am unable to decide between honda city 2009 AT and hyundai verna 2009 AT,which is the best considering all aspects? which one i have to take? plz help me
By Bhargav 03 March 2009
Expert`s comment:

Honda City is Petrol car and Verna come in Automatic transmission in diesel varient only.If you are looking for a Diesel car with AT certainly Verna will make a good choice considering its features and Price.If looking for Petrol car with AT then you can buy a New City AT.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2009

I would alway recommend Honda considering my satisfaction with its quality. I am running my Honda City Vtec vehicle last 7 years and done mpore than 135000kms. This is the first instance I have experienced that other than routine consumable changes I have not spent a single penny for any mechanical failure till date. If the vehicle does not run too much it will be always better to opt for petrol variant. variant.

Answer by Debabrata 03 March 2009

my choice is city.

Answer by Bhagwat Tavri 03 March 2009

Look no further ... go for Honda City.
Reasons for recommendation:

1. It is from a Japanese car maker, Japs make the best cars in the world in terms of value for money, even including the cost of running and maintenance.

2. Hyundai is a Korean company, which is close to Japan, but no where near it in terms of technology and refinement. Take a simple test - Just find a 5 year old honda city and carefully hear the sound of the engine at all revs, maybe even redline it. Then find a 5 year old Hyundai, you can even select the Sonata, which is supposedly the premium segment car, and again hear the sound of the engine. The difference would be stark, the honda engine would sound refined without any clatter, whereas the hyundai engine is will sound as if it has been brutally ripped apart.

3. Check out the cost of maintenance for both makers (the standard consumable parts) honda is pretty economical

4. Honda is a leader in engine technologies, Hyundai is a copycat, they simply borrow what is currently available in the market.

So, if you want a car that you would like to drive for the next couple of years, then the choice is obvious, but if you just want to experiment for a few months then choice is yours my dear friend.

Answer by Rahul 03 March 2009

honda has no questions,
quality always a pref.,onroad performace is worth.

Answer by Pankaj Mankodi 03 March 2009

i own a honda city since last 10 years,it's a dream car or i shud say, even now i'm not thinking of selling a hyundia and it goes bust in 5 yrs. you won't find tooo many hondas at used car honda gives me a mileage of 17 at highways even now, i agree with all the guys here whatever they have opined is 100% true, wud never recommend other than honda or toyota.

Answer by Pramod 03 March 2009

I am Not sure about verna because i am not familiar with I personally was happy with Honda.,

Answer by Uma 03 March 2009

Definitely it is Honda as it has less maintenance cost, more comfort and owner's prestige

Answer by Suresh 03 March 2009

consider a few questions
1. Do you want a petrol or a diesel car?
2. how many Kms you travel or intend to travel using this car?
3. will it be self driven or chauffeur driven?
Honestly speaking there is no comparison between petrol Honda city and diesel Verna vehicle.
Honda is very superior as compared to Verna,even in auto transmission Honda has an edge with puddle shift over Verna.
if you will be using this car your self don't compromise GO FOR HONDA.
But if you travel a lot and if the car is chauffeur driven you may choose to buy diesel car But then add a few lacs and go for Skoda will not regret your decision.
Best regards
Shailesh Gaikwad

Answer by Shailesh Gaikwad 03 March 2009

I would recommend Honda City AT. I have one now for past one month and no complaints and neither I had one for my old Honda City which was with me for 6 years.

Answer by Shiv 03 March 2009
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